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Tekken 8 might be in making as Bandai Namco reveals new teaser at EVO 2022 | #malware | #ransomware | #hacking | #aihp

The latest teaser for Tekken 8 or whatever the game is going to be titled has the entire gaming community buzzing. A fresh sneak peek was revealed at this year’s EVO 2022, and fans have already started speculating about what’s to come.

It will also be no mean task as the game will have to be a worthy successor of the ongoing Tekken 7.

Over the years, Tekken has been a staple and household name in the fighting genre. It has led to many memories for players and the birth of iconic characters.

The journey is set to continue with the next chapter, and Tekken 8 will look to continue on the same successful track as the previous titles. Interestingly, the teaser also leaves room for a reboot of a classic in the near future.

EVO 2022 teaser displays possible Tekken 8 game

The latest development took place following the finals of Tekken 7 at the EVO 2022. Once the final battle was done, a teaser showed clips from the 1994 classic. The clip had a famous scene where Kazuya Mishima threw his father off a cliff.

While the first part of the clip was from 1994’s PlayStation release, it soon evolved into a more modern-looking version. This created speculation about Tekken 8 and what could come in the near future.

So Bandai Namco has been the target of a Ransomware attack, of which potential upcoming releases may be leaked(exact same thing happened to Capcom a while back)However the image below, is fake as hell just as a PSA. Don’t put any stock into it.

If this turns out to be accurate, users could be in for a treat. A recent ransomware attack revealed that Tekken 8 is in the making along with several other projects of Bandai Namco. Some of it has turned out to be true, which could be interesting for the future.

There’s also a case for a possible reboot or a remaster of the 1994 version. After all, that part of the clip originates from the classic, and a reboot could be in-development instead of Tekken 8.

Gamers are advised to follow all the official channels to get confirmed information.


If Tekken 7 gets a sequel, its task will be cut out. Released in 2017, this title has been arguably the biggest fighting game in the last five years.

It has delighted amateur and professional players; the best of it was seen at this year’s EVO championships. Since its release, the game has been steadily supported with new content and characters that have allowed players to choose from a massive roster.

It remains to be seen how the future shapes up for the iconic franchise and if it decides to go with a brand new game or remaster/reboot.

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