Temple Professor Accused Of Tech Trade; China Vehemently Denies Accusations

Xiaoaxing Xi, a physics professor at the Temple University accused of passing on confidential technology data to Chinese authorities, has “not-guilty” petition in the court of law.

The 47-year-old Xi, a resident of Penn Valley in Pennsylvania, was a former chair of the Physics department of Temple University in Philadelphia. Last month, the professor was accused of passing on confidential details about American projects to the Chinese authorities. According to NJ, the professor had been accused of sharing information on superconductivity with officials from companies based in China, when he participated in Chinese programs hosted by the government authorities. Xi is a naturalized American citizen who is recognized for his work in the domain of magnesium diboride thin film superconducting technology. It is being alleged that this transfer of data was done with an intention to give Chinese authorities leadership in the domain of superconductivity.

Meanwhile, another report on Sky News points out that Xi had helped an American company develop a highly innovative product in 2002, where they were able to conduct electricity at high temperatures. He had also participated in the China 863 program that is a platform to propagate the development of technology and high-end innovation based products in the country. Later on, Xi also took a sabbatical from 2002 to 2003.

The prosecution team is claiming that Xi, who was originally born in China, agreed to the tech trade on the condition of being offered prestigious positions. Xi is currently roaming on a bail of hundred thousand dollars and is fighting his case in the court of law. He is married and is father to two children. The reports also indicate that Xi has hired Peter Zeidenberg to represent his case. Zeidenberg has previously represented a woman based in Ohio accused of similar charges.

Xi has received his doctorate in Physics from China’s Peking University in the year 1987. If Xi is proven guilty, he will face an imprisonment of 80 years, along with a fine of one million dollars for the crime; however, Zeindenberg is confident of winning the case and prove Xi’s innocence.

Source: China Topix

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