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DOVER, Tenn. — An accused child predator is being extradited back to Tennessee and the arrest exposes what could be an interstate human trafficking-child porn ring.

The FBI is now on the case, and a mid-state sheriff has a warning for parents.

This is a disturbing situation.

A juvenile targeted and then victimized by suspects who came from out of state to Tennessee.

This type of thing can happen anywhere and tracking those responsible isn’t easy. In this case, an accused predator targeted a juvenile in Stewart County.

It all started as it usually does, with contact on social media.

The juvenile groomed and manipulated into meeting three adults from out of state.

“Made contact with this person through social media and they had driven all the way up from Texas,” said Stewart County Sheriff Frankie Gray.

Sheriff’s detectives — now working with federal authorities — have arrested one person so far.

Devin Gideon traced back to Denton County, Texas and charged with Aggravated Statutory Rape, Criminal Responsibility and Contributing to Delinquency of a Minor.

“I think this guy is definitely a predator,” said Sheriff Gray.

And the sheriff says the case is far from closed. In fact, the investigation is expanding.

“It’s the second one we’ve had actually from someone from Texas up here — three incidents in the last six to eight months,” he added.

Investigators point to a pattern they’ve traced of predators making contact on social media and then driving from Texas … through Oklahoma and Missouri to Stewart County in Tennessee meeting juveniles in hotels where they are given drugs, liquor and there’s sexual contact and evidence of recordings.

“There was some video and things being done,” he explained. “And until we get more investigation we won’t know the extent of any other charges.”

The FBI is involved looking into the possibility of child sexual abuse images.

For now, Sheriff Gray says parents need to keep close tabs on kids and their social media contacts because you never know what it might lead to.

Authorities are now looking to make at least two more arrests out of Texas, of a man and a woman who may have been working with the Gideon who is already in custody.

If you have any information, you’re asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office.

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