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Tesla, the renowned electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, continues to prioritize cybersecurity through incentivizing white hat hackers.

Recently, the automaker rewarded the hackers $200,000 cash on top of a brand-new Model 3 for finding the new vulnerability within the electronic control unit (ECU).

What is Pwn2Own Hacking Competition

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A group of hackers who managed to exploit ECU in a Tesla won Model 3 and cash at the 2024 Pwn2Own event in Vancouver.

Participating in events like the Pwn2Own hacking competition has become a cornerstone of Tesla’s cybersecurity strategy. The competition serves as a platform for security researchers to showcase their skills in identifying vulnerabilities within Tesla’s systems.

In return, Tesla offers significant rewards to successful challengers, thereby fostering collaboration between the company and the cybersecurity community.

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Tesla Hackers Cop Awards in Hackathon Contest

As Electrek says in its report, if there are “bad” hackers who exploit systems, there are also “good” guys who can decode and solve what’s wrong with them.


In a recent Pwn2Own event held in Vancouver, a team of hackers, Synacktiv, successfully identified and exploited vulnerabilities within Tesla’s electronic control unit (ECU) and vehicle CAN BUS.

As a reward for their efforts, the team received a substantial cash prize of $200,000 along with a brand-new Model 3 from Tesla.

Staying Ahead of Cyber Threats

With the automotive industry increasingly embracing connectivity, the risk of cybersecurity threats looms large. Initiatives such as Tesla’s bug bounty program and participation in hacking competitions play a crucial role in proactively solving the vulnerabilities.

By staying ahead of cyber threats, Tesla aims to ensure the safety and security of its vehicles and customers. This pays off big time in the long run. The company knows that this investment could attract more customers for the years to come.

Elon Musk is Worried About Widespread EV Hacking

Not to be confused by the ethical hackers, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously expressed concerns about the potential for widespread hacks targeting autonomous vehicles.

In a public address, the tech boss highlighted the risk posed by a “fleet-wide hack,” emphasizing the importance of strong cybersecurity measures in protecting Tesla’s autonomous technology.

Aside from Synacktiv hackers, there are other groups who succeeded in hacking Tesla vehicles.

According to Teslarati, a group of Belgian researchers also managed to infiltrate Model X using copy keys.

This is not the first time that Tesla handed a cash incentive to hackers who cracked a Tesla car.

Back in 2019, a team of hackers was able to solve the loopholes of a Model 3. With Amat Cama and Richard Zhu of team Fluoroacetate on the lead, they were able to hack the infotainment system of the said EV.

At that time, Tesla rewarded the hackers $375,000 and an electric car.

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