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According to the National Library of Medicine, water is a useful tool in thawing meat, thanks to a little thing called heat convection. Heat is transferred from the lukewarm water to the frozen meat, where it is then conducted directly into the meat’s fibers. Think of it as a transfer of heat — the water shares its heat with the frozen meat causing it to defrost. While you may be tempted to use hot water to speed up the process, you should never do this. It’s one of several mistakes to avoid while defrosting meat. 

According to the USDA, once the meat reaches a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit, any bacteria present in the meat at freezing will begin to expand and multiply. This is known as the “danger zone.” By using hot water, you’ll unevenly thaw the meat, exposing the outer layers of the meat to higher temperatures while the center may take longer to thaw. It may also affect the texture of your meat, so it’s better to use room temperature water for a more even thaw. 

Likewise, metal helps speed up that conductive process since metal itself is a conductor. By using two pots, heat from the water is passed back and forth between the metal, thawing the meat. This makes it a quick and efficient way to defrost meat, but is it the best way to defrost? 


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