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Similar to hacks that can level up a boxed cake mix, TikToker Dallasknows (@dallasknows) has a hack for helping store-bought frosting taste more like a homemade creation. 

“Just a reminder that when you frost a cake you’re supposed to whip the icing first,” @dallasknows describes in a TikTok that’s been viewed 9.6 million times. 

Not only does whipping the icing make it taste better, the video claims, but it also “literally makes double” the amount. 

@dallasknows It literally makes double! #cake #birthday #baking #bakeoff #chocolatecake #recipe #chocolatelover ♬ Bops Goin Brazy – Tyga

“You’re telling me that I’m not supposed to eat it directly out or the jar with a spoon,” laughed @marie_lblanc.

Better Homes and Gardens tested whipping store-bought frosting and confirmed that the process really does increase the quantity due to “beating air into the frosting.” 

Simply stirring canned frosting may also help spread it more easily. For instance, while a can of Duncan Hines buttercream frosting on Amazon does not specify that whipping is recommended before frosting, it does instruct users to stir frosting before using it and cautions that cold frosting especially will be hard to spread. 

Does whipped frosting taste better?

Not everyone who watched the video felt the hack would result in tastier frosting.

“I’m sure it’s easier to spread, but I hate whipped frosting. It doesn’t taste right to me,” said @rdngisfndmntl.

However, @dallasknows was quick to point out that hand-whipped frosting is much different than buying store-bought whipped frosting. 

“The store-bought whipped frosting has additional preservatives to keep it light and not allow it to fall flat on the shelf. not a fan of that either,” @dallasknows replied. 

Whipping store-bought frosting to increase its volume can also help anyone who is decorating a cake or cupcakes with multiple colors. For instance, Kedia (@cake_tips) demonstrates how one can of frosting can be whipped and separated to be dyed with different colors and even flavors to decorate with.

@cake_tips Replying to @Meja&lt3 here is how i prepare store bought icing to use for decorating &lt3 have fun and let me know if you try it sorry this took so long to make i got locked out of my account but i’m back now. tell me what you want to see next. #greenscreenvideo #foryou #cakedecorating #icing #satisfying #colours #pcmademebuyit #cakedecorating #cake #icing #frosting ♬ original sound – keida

And when a few commenters countered that whipping store-bought frosting sounds like just as much work as making homemade icing, @dallasknows points out one key reason to choose store-bought over homemade — it’s cheaper. 

@dallasknows I’ll stick with my bestie @Betty Crocker thanks #bettycrocker #cake #icing #frosting #chocolate #chocolatecake #inflation #canada #trudeau #hereforthecomments ♬ Toxic – Britney Spears

But no matter how tasty whipped frosting may be — or how helpful the results — several commenters admitted that this is one hack they will definitely be skipping. 

“If I am buying store bought frosting there is a reason. Putting in a bowl and whipping it ain’t gonna happen,” @_sure_jan confessed. 

“I warm it up in the microwave, it goes shiny like on a Sachertorte and everyone thinks it’s homemade,” added @brightheartraccoonkit for a different twist. 

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