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The 10 Best Cybersecurity Bootcamps to Kickstart Your Career | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

The demand for cybersecurity professionals is not dwindling anytime soon. As cyber threats and attacks from hackers persist, employers turn to cybersecurity experts to safeguard their organization’s data. But attaining this expertise is no small feat. The costs and length of traditional learning may pose a barrier to gaining in-demand cybersecurity skills quickly.

Fortunately, a more affordable and fast-paced mode of becoming a professional is now available as cybersecurity bootcamps. Thus, this article will expose you to some of the best cybersecurity bootcamps that will help you to kickstart your career.

DigitalCrafts offer a project-based cybersecurity program that evolves with current industry practices. The 15-week program requires no experience to begin and provides flexible schedule options. Furthermore, the course instructors are industry experts, exposing you to a network of potential employers.

Since DigitalCrafts is a CompTIA Authorized Partner, its curriculum is tailored to prepare you for CompTIA exams. Upon completing your program, you’ll receive a free voucher for any CompTIA exam you choose. It’s also important to schedule your exam once you receive this voucher since it expires within 12 months and is non-renewable.

This bootcamp is pretty affordable, with tuition of $9,500. You also have the advantage of zero-interest installment payments, scholarships, and loans from DigitalCrafts’ lending partners.

Devmountain's Cybersecurity Bootcamp

This program is tailored to prepare you for a role in cybersecurity engineering. The curriculum covers in-depth programming language skills such as Python and Linux to help you understand data protection and security.

This 16-week program also features two sprints where you will present a security audit and a comprehensive report. In addition, you will be tasked to propose a set of security improvements to an existing system. Eventually, you may list these hands-on projects as work experiences to boost your portfolio and help you land a job.

Devmountain’s cybersecurity bootcamp costs $9,900. Although federal loans are unavailable as a financing option, you can apply to any of Devmountain’s recommended lenders. However, you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to qualify for these loans.

Springboard's Cybersecurity Bootcamp

This 100% online bootcamp exposes you to core cybersecurity analyst skills and practices. In six months, you’ll learn how to use cybersecurity tools like Kali, Wireshark, and Metasploit to impact businesses and transform your career.

Moreover, Springboard offers an affordable cybersecurity program, providing a range of payment options. While you can save 17% on the tuition of $11,900 if you pay upfront, you also have the options of installment payments, loans, and deferred tuition.

Even more, you will get a bootcamp and CompTIA Security+ certification at the end of this program, automatically boosting your employment chances. With your newly acquired skills and Springboard’s six-month job guarantee, you can join other alums at hotshot companies such as Meta, Amazon, and Cisco.

Eleven Fifty Academy Bootcamp

Eleven Fifty’s bootcamp is an award-winning program that aids your rapid career transition. From basic security techniques to core system defenses, the three-month bootcamp guarantees two industry-recognized CompTIA certifications. You will also be trained via TryHackMe to understand intrusion detection and prevention systems.

For costs, you’ll need to budget $13,500 for your tuition, which covers CompTIA learning tools, mock interviews, and portfolio development. There are also diverse financing options such as Progressive Income Share Agreements, Employer Sponsored, and Workforce Ready Grants.

Eleven Fifty is committed to students’ growth and success even after graduation. This commitment explains why all graduates have access to Atlas. As a bonus, the free learning and mentorship community helps to continually refine your skills to meet your employer’s needs.

Arizona State University Bootcamp

The ASU Cybersecurity Bootcamp equips you with the technical skills to safeguard the digital environment. This 24-week one-on-one virtual program tailors an immersive curriculum that will accelerate your cybersecurity knowledge through hands-on practical exercises.

Furthermore, the program requires a financial commitment of $14,495. You can pay upfront or in installments for 24 months with zero interest. Fortunately, applicants get a $500 discount when they register before the deadline and pay in full. Moreover, you can also enjoy a $500 scholarship as an ASU alumni.

ASU’s cybersecurity bootcamp gives you access to over 250+ employers for hire and allows you to enjoy free access to professional resources throughout your cybersecurity career.

CyberCamp Cybersecurity Bootcamp

CyberCamp’s cybersecurity bootcamp gives you a broad knowledge of the skills and tools to become a distinguished security professional. The seven-month part-time program grants you access to world-class live training, online labs, and a CompTIA Security+ certification.

The bootcamp costs $15,000; however, CyberCamp allows you to begin with $0 tuition until you land a job that pays you more than the threshold income of $40,000 annually. Then, you can pay 10% installments until the tuition is paid off.

CyberCamp’s curriculum includes a project requiring you to build a real-world security program. This real-life simulation enables you to hone your skills and build the expertise to make you an employer’s first choice.

Caltech Cybersecurity Bootcamp.jpg

The California Institute of Technology offers this bootcamp in partnership with Simplilearn. The six-month online class is led by industry experts along with self-paced modules to build expertise in offensive and defensive cybersecurity. The curriculum also covers network systems, system administration, ethical hacking, and asset management.

In addition, you do not require any prior professional experience to be eligible to apply for this program. However, you must have a basic understanding of mathematics and programming concepts. You should also have a high school diploma or equivalent and be at least 18 years old.

Caltech has a range of hands-on projects which covers in-demand skills in data privacy, digital forensics, business continuity, and data management. After your program, you can get your bootcamp certificate and apply to any cybersecurity job.

BrainStation's Cybersecurity Bootcamp

BrainStation’s cybersecurity bootcamp equips you with world-class career services through its cutting-edge curriculum. The program begins with cybersecurity foundations and spans cybersecurity governance, risk, and compliance strategies. It also includes professional development sessions to help accelerate your career.

To finance your program, you can either pay a one-time payment of $16,500 or monthly fees as low as $747 per month over 24 months. BrainStation also offers scholarships to eligible veterans, entrepreneurs, and women in tech to promote inclusion and diversity.

With a 90% graduate success rate, the program guarantees employment within 180 days of graduating. BrainStation continually achieves this feat through its 6,500 hiring partners worldwide.

Flatiron School Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Flatiron School offers a structured learning experience that endows you with the essential skills you need to work in cybersecurity. You’ll begin with foundational skills and end with industry-ready knowledge. This program can be completed in 15 weeks full-time or 40 weeks part-time.

Both full-time and part-time students are required to pay a tuition of $16,900 with a $99 deposit. You can pay the fees upfront, with a loan, or make 12 installments of $1,400 each. Flatiron also offers scholarships to support diversity and access.

Although your certification is helpful, employers value technical ability over formal education. Hence, you should hone your creative problem-solving skills and employ strategic tips to start your cybersecurity career.

The Coding Dojo Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The Coding Dojo Cybersecurity Bootcamp teaches you the practical skills to identify, assess, and handle information security risks. The 24-week program has a pre-course to warm you up before you’re launched into the immersive curriculum. In addition to CompTIA Security certifications, Coding Dojo also offers a CySA+ certification.

The program is relatively pricey, costing $16,995, and requires a $99 deposit. Thankfully, Coding Dojo has various financing options, from installment plans to scholarships. These scholarships are up to $1,000 and $1,500 for students earning less than $40,000 yearly.

To enroll in this program, you can submit your application and pick a suitable date to start. You’ll undergo an interview with an admissions advisor, from which a decision will be reached within two working days. Once you’re accepted, you can make a deposit and enjoy your learning experience.

Can You Get a Job With a Cybersecurity Bootcamp Qualification?

Yes, you can secure a job with a cybersecurity bootcamp qualification. The hands-on learning methods at bootcamps leave you with an experience similar to fieldwork, making you more attractive to employers. Moreover, since most instructors are industry experts, they employ their knowledge of new trends while tailoring and updating the learning curriculums.

Additionally, you can obtain a cybersecurity certificate as a bootcamp graduate. This certificate will prove to your employer that you have the in-demand skills and expertise required to pursue any cybersecurity job you desire.


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