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Hulu has become known as a streaming platform that pushes the envelope for entertainment, with original programming like The Handsmaid’s Tale and American Horror Story becoming international hits. While best known for its TV series, the platform has also excelled in crafting unique original films, particularly horror. This trend looks to only continue with such recent hits as Prey and No One Will Save You showing the platform’s commitment to creating innovative films in the genre.

With Huluween currently running, we rank the top ten best Hulu original horror movies to thrill and chill you throughout October and beyond.

10 Grimcutty


Steeped in internet culture with a monster fashioned after online creepypastas and memes like ‘Momo’ and ‘Jeff the Killer,’ John Ross’s Grimcutty aimed to instill fear utilizing internet-infused paranoia. Following a young aspiring YouTube creator in the ASMR space, Asha’s (Sara Wolfkind) obsession with her phone draws concern from her parents. These worries are amplified when a murder occurs in town, and there are rumors it was attributed to an online phenomenon affecting online-obsessed youth (like the ‘blue whale game’).

Grimcutty is a bit of a mixed bag; while boasting a fantastic creature design, the story does trip up in capturing the nuances of youth online culture meaningfully. Still, the movie has some great scares and strong performances from a young cast, making it an ideal watch for younger horror fans.

9 Books of Blood

Books of Blood Poster

Based on the book by horror icon Clive Barker, Books of Blood is a horror anthology directed by Brannon Braga through three unique stories. Despite carrying the Barker name, the series takes a lot of liberties with the source and offers new content, which proved to be somewhat disappointing to fans of the author for failing to capture the essence of the writing. Still, others have praised the work for its dark and eerie atmosphere, and it is noteworthy for those who love horror anthologies.

8 False Positive


The 2021 American horror film False Positive from director John Lee and starring Ilana Glazer, Justin Theroux, and Pierce Brosnan is quite the surreal trip. This fact has resulted in a pretty split audience regarding the film ratings on both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes — meaning some will be happy to see it on our list and others annoyed. Still, its divisive nature makes it a worthy curiosity to check out.

False Positive follows Lucy (Glazer), a woman struggling to conceive, and when taken to a fertility clinic by her husband (Theroux) meets the charismatic Dr. Hindle (Brosnan). However, Lucy begins to learn there is something more sinister about Dr. Hindle and his methods. Utilizing dream sequences and hallucinations to convey the confusion and fear of Lucy, False Positive addresses issues of motherhood and female autonomy.

7 Bad Hair

Bad Hair

A satirical horror comedy, Justin Simien’s Bad Hair takes place in the ’70s and follows a young woman named Anna (Elle Lorraine). Attempting to fix a bad hair job that left a permanent scar, Anna gets a weave to help improve her appearance as a music video host. However, the weave has a mind of its own and soon starts taking control of Anna’s life.

Tackling beauty standards with a clever script and a fantastic ’70s aesthetic, Bad Hair has earned primarily positive praise. Combining this with its campy approach and witty social commentary has made the movie one of the standouts on the Hulu platform.

6 Appendage


A body horror film with a dark comedic edge, Appendage follows aspiring fashion designer Hannah’s (Hadley Robinson) grim discovery that she has a rogue appendage sprouting from her body. The entity seeks to control Hannah through verbal abuse and slowly breaks her down, ruining her relationships. Things look up when Hannah finds a support group and new friend in Claudia (Emily Hampshire of Schitt’s Creek fame), but meanwhile her ‘appendage’ continues to plot against her.

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One of the newest additions to Hulu and part of their Huluween 2023, Appendage is a frightfully entertaining film with a gnarly creature design and unique premise.

5 Hellraiser


Another entry drawing inspiration from author Clive Barker, Hellraiser is one of Barker’s most well-known and respected properties that he brought to the masses as writer and director of the original 1987 film. However, the series has also seen a lot of lows, from sending pinheads into the internet in Hellraiser: Hellworld to the underwhelming Hellraiser: Judgment. The series has always had its charms, but nothing ever matched the original 1987… that is until David Bruckner’s 2022 remake of the franchise gave it a needed jolt.

Boasting solid performances from Odessa A’zion and Drew Starkey — as well as a wonderful rendition of Pinhead played by Jamie Clayton — the reboot follows a familiar formula of stumbling across a puzzle box that summons the cenobites. But with a strong script that paid homage to the original while expanding on the lore and indulging in its gorey and violent premise, the film marked an impressive and successful Hulu original release.

4 Little Monsters

Lupita Nyong'o in Little Monsters

How many genres can you find in one movie? Well, Little Monsters is aptly described as a “post-apocalyptic musical action comedy horror.” The impressive part? Director Abe Forsythe brought it all together to craft a highly entertaining, blood-soaked, butt-kicking, cutesy musical that is one of the most unique original films on the platform.

Little Monsters centers around a washed-up musician, a children’s television personality, and a kindergarten teacher who are forced to team up to protect a small group of kids during the zombie apocalypse. The quirky and entertaining horror film has been praised for its unique premise and performances, particularly Lupita Nyong’o as Miss Caroline.

3 No One Will Save You

No One Will Save You red

An almost entirely dialogue-free alien/home invasion movie from director Brian Duffield, No One Will Save You is one of the more recent Hulu originals to gain critical and fan praise. Considering the strong performance from Kaitlyn Dever as Brynn, a seamstress who keeps herself isolated to cope with the loss of family, and a heavy atmosphere of mystery and dread, it is unsurprising that No One Will Save You proved to be such a big hit. Knowing as little as possible about the plot is the best way to approach this movie, but it is an essential watch for sci-fi horror fans.

2 Prey

Amber Midthunder and Dane DiLiegro in Prey (2022)

Predator existed for many years in a similar state to the Hellraiser franchise, with the original considered the best and the follow-ups being passable entertainment at best. Dan Trachtenberg’s Prey seemed to crack the formula to bring the property back to relevancy, pitting a predator against a Comanche tribe. Moreover, the feature film stated its commitment to authenticity, looking to indigenous actors to help reinvent the franchise as well as providing a Comanche dub of the film.

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Packed with action, including a memorably final showdown with the predator, Prey proved to be a smash hit for Hulu. Now all that is left to do is wait for a potential sequel, hopefully with the wonderful Amber Midthunder reprising her role as Naru in some shape or form.

1 Run

Run Hulu

One of the lesser-discussed Hulu original films also happens to be its best. Run is one of the few horror films to explore Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. It is a rare condition that sees one person gaining validation from another’s illness. This phenomenon has only recently been shed in a broader light through the case of the Kowalski’s as highlighted in the HBO documentary Mommy Dead And Dearest and the Netflix documentary Take Care of Maya.

The psychological horror thriller, directed by Aneesh Chaganty (who would go on to direct Searching and Missing), boasts memorable performances Kiera Allen and Sarah Paulson. Their relationship in the film as mother-daughter is utterly unforgettable, as the protector becomes the object of horror when the dark truth about their parasitic relationship is revealed.

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