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I have a pretty small place, so when it comes to my apartment setup, it’s truly the simple things that give me the most joy — especially when they have an additional time-saving or space-saving function. Whether it be a clothes-drying rack that folds up into the wall when not in use or a magnetic storage basket that sticks on my fridge and gives me more precious cabinet real estate, there are so many of these kinds of products that make my life easier and happier. (And I’ll shout from the rooftops every time I discover one!) It’s particularly joy-inducing, too, when a basic, easy-to-use item frees up more of my space and time all at once. If these kinds of products excite you just as much as they excite me, I need to put you onto my latest find from an editor- and reader-loved brand: simplehuman’s $30 In-Cabinet Trash Can.

This space-saving bin hooks onto the inside of your cabinet (or you can bolt it on for an extra-strong hold) and though it’s meant to be compact enough to fit most cabinets with no issue, reviewers note that it holds a surprising amount of garbage. With its inconspicuous design, your waste will be out of sight and mind — although, even if it weren’t tucked away, it would look sleek enough to match any kitchen aesthetic. (It is a simplehuman product, after all.)

The can features a sturdy plastic bucket with a durable chrome frame, and has a solid 10-liter capacity. It also has a tight-fitting lid, so no smells will escape. “We love it for collecting food scraps because the lid keeps the smells in and the bugs out; no pesky gnats,” a customer who bought the can to use in their RV wrote. “Prior to purchasing this can, we would collect food scraps in an open bag on the counter. Gnats would find it even though we disposed of the bag daily.” And, while we love this in-cabinet trash bin as an easy way to separate your food scraps, even if you’re not composting, it’s perfect for small apartments where a full-sized bin would take up too much space.

A sample 10-pack of custom-fit liners comes with the can, but it also fits plastic grocery bags, so you can finally find a use for that “bag full of bags” that we all have tucked away somewhere. (Making a dent in your grocery bag collection and conserving your large trash bags? Sounds like a win-win.) To top it all off, this can will last you for a long time — one reviewer even said that they bought a replacement after their previous one lasted a whopping seven years.

Look, I know what you’re thinking: Really? Can a trash can really be that good? To put it simply: absolutely. We’re diehard simplehuman devotees here at Kitchn, and while we firmly believe their pricier options are worth the splurge, we understand that it can be hard to drop a large chunk of change on something you literally throw garbage in. Or, perhaps you don’t have enough room for a full-sized waste bin in your tiny kitchen — whatever the reason, this affordable, out-of-the way can is definitely worth considering. And, to snag a high-quality simplehuman item for only $30? Talk about a steal!


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