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While fans focus on the shenanigans and ruckus created by the Belcher family in Bob’s Burgers, there’s also something to said about romance. Fans have actively talked about Linda and Bob’s marital dynamics and their devoted love for one another. Many say they’re a real couple with their own love language, but they’re not devoid of flaws.

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Bob and Linda aren’t the only adults in the show, though. Over 10 seasons, the show’s adult characters have proven plenty of times that some aren’t made for relationships.

11 Fischoeder

Fischoeder talking in dark Bob's Burgers in Bob's Burgers

Fischoeder is likely not the best partner to have in a relationship; the only real thing he has going for him is his wealth. Money doesn’t solve everything. Fischoeder is the owner of Bobb’s Burgers and other restaurants, and he tends to care more for rent and business opportunities.

The eyepatch-wearing, wild-haired character can be selfish, and he happily throws away money just because he can. Fischoeder also doesn’t tend to believe in people’s personal struggles. He often chastizes Bob over his restaurant, hoping he’ll close one day. Fischoeder even pitted his tenants against Bob for free rent.

10 Sergeant Bosco

Bosco in Bob's restaurant in Bob's Burgers

Sergeant Bosco already has a bad track record in relationships. He was once married once, but he’s now divorced, as he couldn’t handle married life. It’s not a good start when considering him as a romantic partner. Bosco works for the local police force and tends to put his job ahead of everything else.

In the episode “My Fuzzy Valentine,” he more or less proved that he has high standards when it comes to the opposite sex. Bosco isn’t privy to romance or fluff that comes with a relationship. He even ruins Linda’s speed dating session by having the guests admit their worst and grittiest flaws.

9 Philip Frond

Frond in his guidance counselor office in Bob's Burgers

Philip Frodn isn’t well-liked for many reasons. He often tries to use his students for his own gain and even manipulates them in certain ways. Not to mention, Frond is also incredibly sensitive. There are some perks if Frond found the right person.

When he starts dating Gayle, fans get to see that he’s actually wholesome. He’s so smitten with Gayle that he knits her a doll made out of his dead grandmother’s shawl. He’s also not a heavy drinker and likes frozen yogurt, but he can also get in his own head and overreact.

8 Gretchen

Gretchen with shocked face in restaurant in Bob's Burgers

Gretchen is seen in a couple of episodes as Linda’s closest friend. She might not be liked as a romantic partner; she can be loud, obnoxious, and a bit self-centered. During speed dating, she pulls out the big guns when it came to flirting and attracting her date.

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Many might find Gretchen intimidating as a partner. She does date Hugo, as she has an obsession with men and authority. In one episode, she takes Linda’s advice and goes after her ex in Philadelphia even though they broke up ages ago.

7 Jimmy Pesto

Jimmy with Trev in his restaurant in Bob's Burgers

Jimmy really doesn’t have the makings of a good partner. He’s already divorced and prefers his life as a bachelor. He’s also already a father of three, his children being Andy, Ollie, and Jimmy Jr. He often hates Jimmy Jr.’s passion for dance and thinks his twins are weird.

Above all else, he has a childlike mentality and constantly battles Bob. Jimmy looks for any reason to rub Bob’s failures in his face. Jimmy does have a few redeeming moments, though, and he even has Bob’s Burgers cater his boat club’s party.

6 Gayle

Gayle standing in spotlight in Bob's Burgers

Gayle has had her fair share of romantic partners in the show. They range from Frond to the man she met while working the art museum. Looking at her track record, Gayle has some noticeable issues in relationships. To begin with,  she’s incredibly impulsive, a quick which leads her into sticky situations. She took Linda’s advice of keeping an eye on an art patron too far and held him hostage.

Fans would also know that she’s a germaphobe and has bizarre tendencies. She sleeps under the bed and pretends the world is ending in order to sleep. The biggest caveat is when she animately pursues Bob to have an affair after he mistakes her for Linda. Fans can agree that Gaye is sweet and full of life, though a bit extreme at times.

5 Teddy

Teddy taking orders in restaurant in Bob's Burgers

Fans have come to love Teddy’s character while also being creeped out by his bizarre moments. Evaluating the handyman and Bob’s supposed best friend, he has some aspects of a good partner, as well as some bad ones. Teddy is extremely kind and loyal to the people he cares for. and he’s more than willing to help Bob with anything he needs.

Teddy also has a habit of not focusing on himself and what he needs, hence why he goes to a therapist to learn to put himself first. This might be challenging in a relationship. Teddy can also get ahead of himself, like when buying a boat and trying to impress his ex-wife, who has moved on.

4 Mort

Mort in his crematorium with a date in Bob's Burgers

Mort is one of the two customers that always eats at Bob’s Burgers, and his mortuary is right next door. Over the course of the show, Mort might be a good match for love. He’s single and has a nice apartment. Not to mention, Mort is kind and even lets the Belcher’s stay in his apartment when they needed to fumigate.

Mort isn’t one to get angry and worry about the little things. When fans do see him date someone, he has an odd fascination with sexy mortician talk. His apartment furnishings were also taken from the crematorium or left behind by the deceased.

3 Hugo

Hugo entering Bob's restaurant for inspection in Bob's Burgers

Believe it or not, Hugo isn’t a bad match for romance. Fans first disliked him because he was hell-bent on ruining Bob’s business for stealing Linda away from him. This leads to him being overzealous, unconfident, and childish that can turn a lot of people off.

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Hugo is also sensitive and understanding in some cases. In the episode “Romancing the Beef,” Hugo’s nervous about a blind date that doesn’t show. The Belcher’s come up with a lie that she’s sick in the bathroom. Hugo is more than willing to wait for her and give her space, but he does turn the tables when threatening to close down Bob’s new Valentine’s Day business because he thinks he got stood up.

2 Bob

Bob with arms outstretched besides Linda in Bob's Burgers

Does Bob have the making of a good partner? Yes and no. Over time, fans learned that Bob has certain qualities that can be hard to tolerate; he can get in over his head trying to succeed at something to a point that he ruins everything. Such was the case when he got a special turkey on Thanksgiving and cared more about cooking it than being with his family.

Bob also doesn’t tend to put in much pizzazz for special events. To be fair, Bob is an incredibly hard worker who wants to provide for his family and achieve his dream. He may find his kids odd, but he tries to support them. He also loves Linda—even her smelly pits—and makes it work. He’s loyal to his wife and thinks she’s beautiful, even when Linda doubts herself.

1 Linda

BOB’S BURGERS: The fate of the turkey and the Belcher Thanksgiving are in Lindas hands in the all-new Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled airing Sunday, Nov. 8 (7:30-8:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (Photo by FOX via Getty Images)


Linda is the best in the romance department as a partner. She goes above and beyond for Bob in helping run the restaurant. She even believed in his dream of being a restauranteur.

Above all Linda, is understanding of what her marriage is. Linda doesn’t care for fancy gifts or the extremes. All she cares about is having special moments like telling Bob she never needed a diamond ring, only him. She was moved by Bob’s willingness to find the Love Testometer to make her happy.

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