The aftermath of the I-95 collapse, and gun violence shaped this school year | #schoolsaftey

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Details of Sunday morning’s I-95 bridge collapse are slowly coming out. The driver of a tanker truck carrying 8,500 gallons of gasoline lost control of the vehicle while negotiating a turn Sunday morning. The truck overturned and ignited under the bridge. Our lead story focuses on the search for the identity of the driver of the tanker truck who may have been killed in the fire.

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The day after the collapse, law enforcement officials were looking for a match for human remains recovered from the wreckage.

Although the Pennsylvania State Police confirmed a body was recovered, investigators did not name the driver or the company that owned the tractor trailer. But relatives of Nathan S. Moody, a New Jersey truck driver, said State Police contacted them to confirm the identity of a driver who may have been killed at the scene. The relatives said they have not been in contact with Moody since Sunday.

What happens next: A team of experts from the federal National Transportation Safety Board arrived on-scene Monday and said they will publish a preliminary report in about two to three weeks. Restoration could take months.

On Monday, crews moved wreckage and began demolishing the southbound side of the highway. It will take four to five days. The northbound side buckled and collapsed, and the southbound lanes were too compromised by flames and could not carry traffic.

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The shooting deaths of young students bookended the academic year at Roxborough and Walter B. Saul High Schools.

Just weeks after teen returned to class, four Roxborough football players were shot and 14-year-old Nicolas Elizalde was killed. And just three weeks before summer break, Roxborough freshman Randy Mills, 15, was fatally shot on a SEPTA bus.

The losses shaped the year. Students struggled to concentrate in class and teachers braced themselves anytime they read news of another teen shot out of fear that it might again be one of their students.

Notable quote: “People act like we’re just kids, that this is an adult topic, but it’s not,” said Isis Feristin, a junior at Saul. “We see it every day on social media, so it’s more of a worry for us.”

On Monday, Roxborough High School unveiled a mural honoring Nick’s life.

Keep reading to hear from students on how they’re working to overcome and navigate grief.

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