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Apple is removing an iPhone app that can run Windows due to its ability to install executable code. Given Apple’s focus on security and privacy, running unknown code breaks the rules since it would be impossible for Apple to test apps that might be installed at a later date. This is the core of the App Store’s value to the user, and tends to be one of the details that often leads to challenges of Apple’s policies.

Apple’s iPhone was originally designed to use web apps running the same type of code that powers websites, using HTML and JavaScript. There was no software development kit required as all apps would run through the Safari web browser. This was met with resistance from developers who wanted access to the core technologies that could tap the full power of the device and thus the App Store was born. Web apps are still supported, of course, and in some cases offer more features and better functionality than dedicated apps, as is the case with Facebook.

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iDOS 2 has been on the App Store for six years, enjoying a 4.1-star average in user ratings, but recently caught unwelcome attention from Apple’s app reviewers and likely due to an update made in the last year that allows file-sharing access. This is the change that enables iDOS 2 to run custom games or programs, such as Windows 3.1. Apple suggested changes that might bring the app into compliance, but according to the developer’s website, those changes would be too restrictive and will not be made. Instead, current users and anyone interested in the app might want to get iDOS 2 while it is still available. The app’s privacy label shows no user data is collected and the developer claims it is sandboxed and offers no threat to an iPhone.

What is iDOS 2 & Why It’s Being Removed?

iDOS 2 is an emulator that is based on the open-source DOSBox code. Both create a virtual hardware environment that recreates an old computer and disk operating system (DOS), which is the underlying system software that older versions of Windows required. iDOS 2 has recently been shown to be capable of installing and running Windows 3.1, a significant departure from the DOS games that are shown in its App Store images.

According to the developer, Apple provided fourteen days from the July 22 notice for changes to the app to be posted, meaning iDOS 2 might be removed as soon as August 5, 2021. This calls into question how protective Apple should be of iPhone owners and how much it should leave to their own discretion. It is safe to assume that some iPhone users might have an interest in the novelty of trying out Windows on their smartphone, but may not understand that older versions are no longer supported and are vulnerable to various types of malware. On the other hand, should all users be denied access because of this? The point is now moot for iDOS 2 with its iPhone days appearing to be numbered.

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