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With its revolutionary Parent Dashboard, the Aqua One smartphone breaks barriers that have prevented parents from accessing their child’s online activity and instead, arms them against the rising threats of online predators lurking on social media platforms.

PHOENIX, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Cyber Dive stands at the forefront of transforming the digital landscape, championing safety and well-being for millions of children through tech-forward innovations. Enter the era of digital guardianship with the Aqua One – an unparalleled smartphone that shatters barriers that have hindered parents from safeguarding their children online. Pioneering a revolutionary dashboard, this device grants parents real-time insights into their child’s digital realm, arming them with a formidable tool against online predators. As social media landscapes evolve, Cyber Dive remains the beacon of protection for our children’s online futures.

The Aqua One’s Parent Dashboard is unmatched, transcending all existing monitoring tools and child-friendly smartphones. With unparalleled access, parents enjoy limitless visibility into their child’s online realm – every keystroke, watch history, text message, and social media interaction is meticulously captured and instantly replayable. This cutting-edge experience unfolds seamlessly on a web application, empowering iOS and Android users to stay connected effortlessly with their child’s digital world. Spanning a staggering 8,348 apps and social media platforms, the Aqua One sets a new standard, placing absolute control and insight directly into the hands of vigilant parents.

“Let’s be blunt. Social media has created a major problem for parents and children. For parents, social media monitoring should not be DIY, and we have created the only solution that provides trusted answers, real-time insights regardless of platform, and transparent data lineage. Parents finally get to see everything,” said Cyber Dive Co-Founder and CEO Jeff Gottfurcht. “While instant replay was invented in 1963, we are the first and only company that has adopted this combinatory tool to show parents everything their children see on social media. We have created the next phase of instant replay for parents, where every action a child takes on their Aqua One is immediately sent to their parent dashboard. It’s this synchronization that parents have been screaming for, but big tech, as usual, has been adamantly reluctant to show parents what their children are becoming addicted to. We can list all the stats and share all the stories that are not just all over the media but also the ones we hear from our customers about what social media is doing to their children. Depression, eating disorders, body image issues, self-harm, trafficking, attaining drugs, bullying, sending explicit photos, to the ultimate pain, suicide. These are real stories and real consequences. They are not just users. No one is immune to the tentacles of social media and its effects on children today.”

Aqua One’s revolutionary Parent Dashboard equips parents with a powerful tool at a time when their child’s online safety is increasingly at stake. Facebook’s parent company, Meta, recently announced in early December of 2023 the introduction of end-to-end encryption of every message sent on Facebook Messenger, meaning the content of all messages sent on the platform will be hidden from everyone except the sender and intended recipient.

Child safety groups warn that this will significantly hinder the continuing fight for the protection of children from online predators and pedophiles on the platform. In collaboration with NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children), the leading organization in the fight for missing and exploited children, The Guardian reported soon after Meta’s announcement that “Meta…submitted nearly 95% of the 29 million reports NCMEC’s CyberTipline received from tech companies in 2022. A large proportion of these tips depicted child sexual abuse material in which children are being raped, abused and sexually exploited…”. With the introduction of end-to-end encryption, child sex abuse material will only be detected if either the sender or recipient reports it to Meta. This change NCMEC anticipates will plummet the number of reports among large reporting companies of suspected child sexual abuse by close to 80%.

This news comes close on the heels of a report released by Stanford University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst in The Wall Street Journal that Meta is failing to contain the sizable online predator and pedophile networks present on both Instagram and Facebook. During the study, researchers discovered a wide range of groups that dealt with child sex abuse material, including a 200,000-user group dedicated to the celebration of incest. Despite flagging such groups via user reports, Meta didn’t only refuse to take them down – they cited the groups as acceptable due to their adherence to the Community Standards. Meta has also been reluctant to take action against limiting the searchability of hashtags commonly used by pedophiles on its platforms. The decision to institute end-to-end encryption of Messenger provides additional protections to adults trading child sexual abuse material or engaging in child grooming.

Cyber Dive’s response to the escalation of online threats to children is to boldly and directly face them alongside the people who care the most: parents. The smartphone’s one-of-a-kind ability to record a child’s digital journey allows parents to see circumvents and propels the battle against message encryption. Unshackled by app dependencies to Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, and Discord, the Aqua One’s Parent Dashboard is woven seamlessly into the phone’s core and assures unwavering access amidst tech giants’ shifts. Monitoring all 8,348 apps fortifies parents with a shield against online predators and dangers that don’t currently exist. Cyber Dive’s Aqua One and its Parent Dashboard offer a vigilant option for today’s parents and a breath of fresh air into the true definition of revolutionary.

“Parenting at any age is a journey. Sometimes it can be hard to see where you are going and how far you have come,” said Cyber Dive Co-Founder and CTO Derek Jackson. “But with our phone, you have a co-pilot. No secrets, no hidden paths—just a clear view of the road ahead. Because in this digital age, the best way to protect is to see.”

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Cyber Dive is a progressive technology company that is the preeminent pioneer in making the digital world safer and healthier for millions of children through tech-forward innovations. The company created Aqua One, the first-ever smartphone for children that empowers parents to monitor all of their children’s online activities through a single, comprehensive dashboard. Technology changed children, and now Aqua One is changing parenting by empowering parents to go places they never thought they’d go in their children’s digital world.

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