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Let’s face it – it’s 2023, and most dating starts online.

We’re all afraid of approaching each other in person cause that may seem weird, but we are also not always sure how to go around this whole online dating thing.

Well, worry not, friends and enemies (‘ladies and gentlemen’ is getting old, so we’re using this instead – get on board), for we bring you THE best dating advice.

These dating tips work as both tips for online dating and dating IRL along with some online dating safety tips, so buckle up and soak up the wisdom.

Online Dating Advice Everyone Should Follow

  • Get your shit together
  • Spruce up your profile
  • Good ice-breakers will get your foot in the door
  • Don’t fall in love with potential
  • Stay cool
  • Follow the online dating safety tips

Dating Tips 101: Get Your Shit Together

Starting our tips for dating with some tough love and hard-to-swallow pills, we tell you to get your shit together before you start dating.

That goes for past-relationship baggage if dating after divorce or a serious relationship, but also your life in general.

No one wants to date projects or singles who aren’t really ready to mingle yet.

And if that’s you, you won’t know how to love someone else unless you’re at a good place and love yourself first.

So, here’s the first of our tips for online dating – get your life together (all aspects of it) before you continue with the rest of our online dating tips.

Get your job situation in check, work on your appearance and mental health, and figure out how to get over your ex if need be.

Oh, and tidy up that apartment of yours if you intend on bringing men or women over for some good times.

Spruce up Your Online Dating Profile

Once you’ve done some work on yourself, it’s time to continue with the advice for dating online and work on your online dating profile. If you get it right, you won’t need to wonder about psychological signs someone likes you – they’ll show you.

Your profile is how other singles will see you, and you won’t always get a chance for a second impression.

Now, you want to make your online dating profile attractive, but you don’t want to overdo it either – you want it to be realistic and reflect who you really are.

The best advice for dating online when it comes to photos is to avoid blurring or obstructing your face.

One of the best tips for online dating our friend who had just started dating after 40 has received from an expert was to do a professional photoshoot. Yap, there are professional photographers who specialize in photos for online dating sites.

They’ll point out your natural features with their photographs but also reflect your interests and hobbies.

If you can’t afford a professional photographer, here’s some more advice for dating online – DIY it.

Take or have a friend take photos that show you doing things you like. Snap some shots of your face only and some of your body, too.

Worry not about do girls like guys with long hair or if guys like girls with tattoos – that thing’s individual, so show off what you’ve got, and you’ll find those who like it.

But photos alone won’t get you there, so here’s some online dating advice regarding your bio.

Cause all the other singles looking for tips for dating are gonna come to your profile for your photos, but they’ll stay (or leave!) for your bio.

As for that – know how to sell yourself. Be snappy but informative, but most of all – quirky and catchy.

Good Ice-Breakers Beat All Tips for Dating

You won’t even need our advice for dating online if you’ve got yourself some lit ice-breakers. If you don’t, we’ve got you covered with some funny questions to ask a girl and dope ice-breakers to get the convo going:

  • What keeps you busy? – This vague and open-ended question tops our online dating advice as it gives your interlocutor lots of space and freedom to answer it as they deem fit. They can talk about their career if they want to, but if they don’t have to.
  • Use current affairs and topicsYou know those things everyone keeps talking about, like Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance? EVERYONE had something to say about it. Stay out of politics, though – it’s too divisive.
  • Reference their profile – Paying attention tops all tips for dating. You saw your match has a dog, and you have a dog, too? Boom – instant topic. Read your match’s profile and use their interests and hobbies as ways to approach them.
  • Meme your way in – Unless you’re looking for dating advice for 60 plus, memes are your best friends – use them to get your foot in the door. Even those looking for dating over 50 advice have their own corny memes they dig, making memes intergenerational.
  • Truth or dare – Google truth or dare questions for boyfriend or girlfriend or play the 2 truths 1 lie game. These are super fun and easy ways to get to know someone.

Don’t Fall in Love With Potential

Here’s the mother of all online dating tips – don’t fall in love with potential. Avoid that nice guy syndrome and having to google what it means when a girl stares at you.

Don’t get us wrong – online dating CAN get pretty intense.

You may feel like you know someone or that someone is into you even before meeting. But know that that’s only the potential, and falling in love with potential is one of the biggest online dating red flags.

Hold yourself, for the love of God – hold yourself any way you can. We believe in you.

Lest you be googling how to avoid online catfish scams next.

Stay Cool, You Won’t Need Any Other Dating Advice

Some people are just naturally chill and confident, and they don’t need tips for dating online. If you’re not one of them, don’t fret because that requires work and training.

You can get there, too.

Work on developing your confidence and being happy with yourself. You’ll naturally attract people when you ooze that self-confidence, look like you have your shit together, and don’t appear too needy.

Being or appearing needy will have you googling the hero instinct, and trust us – it’s not a good thing.

Stick to These Online Dating Safety Tips

There are plenty of great tips for dating online, but you shouldn’t even consider outdoor dating ideas before getting these online dating safety tips down to a T.

Forget about figuring out if you’re dating a married man or how to tell a guy you like him – online dating safety tips are THE most important dating advice for women.

You’ll already know some of these, but they’re crucial, so here are our top online dating safety tips:

  • Guard your info like a hawk – The No.1 of our online dating safety tips is not to put any identifying information on your dating profile. That includes the photos you have on social media, too.
  • Do some digging – Guard your info like a hawk, but dig out all the info you can on folks you plan on meeting, like a CIA agent or, better yet, a woman looking for signs he’s cheating.
  • Report back – Someone from your support group needs to know about your romantic date ideas and when and where you’re meeting your match. Set a time frame by which you have to report back to them you’re home safe.
  • Meet in public – Ditch all the creative date ideas for safe public spaces, especially when meeting for the first time. Everyone already knows this, but it’s one of the most crucial online dating safety tips, so it had to be here.

Moving Forward: IRL Dating Advice

So, you’ve got your foot in the door with a match on a dating site thanks to our advice for dating online, and you’re ready to transition from virtual dating to IRL.

Just as nepo babies need to show some talent and work after their family connections have their foot in the door, you, too, are only halfway through.

These pieces of IRL dating advice will get you there.

Or you can also use them to connect with someone in person if you’re not the one for online dating apps – these dating tips work either way.

Eye Contact Is Everything

The best piece of dating advice is to maintain eye contact with the person you’re on a date with. It shows you’re there and you’re paying attention.

Wise men said eyes were the window to someone’s soul, so there’s that, too.

But, most importantly for dating – if you’re looking for how to turn a guy on and how to flirt, you need to practice flirting with your eyes.

Go Easy

Listen, you can’t just approach someone in a shopping mall and ask them out on a date, no matter how amazing date ideas you think you’ve got – they’ll assume you’re a creep.

You’ve got to go easy and build some kind of a connection before asking them out on a date.

If you like someone, add them on their socials, or if you meet them on the regular, start some easy conversations here and there.

There are plenty of funny questions to ask a guy or girl you can check out to forge that connection and make them feel safe and familial.

Next, you’ll want to know how to tell if a girl likes you (or a man). That part is often tricky as it’s hard to know if someone is just being nice or they’re into you.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a hint here and there, AND you’ll know how to understand it.

If not, one of the best tips for dating we can give you is to look if they ask you questions back or just cordially respond.

Look if they’re also starting conversations and how invested they are, and BE OBJECTIVE – don’t lie to yourself.

Be Direct but Not Aggressive

Alright, so you’ve got a connection and figured out they like you back, so now it’s time to ask them out.

Being direct but not aggressive is one of the best dating tips you can get.

Have some cute date ideas ready and base them on their interests. They don’t have to be expensive – there are plenty of cheap date ideas when you’re low on the dough.

There are two ways to go about this:

  • The piggyback – When they mention something they like doing or want to see, ask them to go together. Or remember it for later.
  • The direct approach – Call them out for a cup of coffee when you feel like you’re vibing. Many dating experts (including us) swear by grabbing a coffee as one of the best dating tips for a first date.

Listen and Talk

Much like with online dating tips, listening is extremely important, as is talking and sharing.

So, listen to your date and be present and receptive when they are sharing. Remember – sharing is caring, and dating is a two-way street, so don’t be afraid to share stuff about yourself.

But don’t overshare either – oversharing can kill a relationship before it’s even there, so another of our online dating advice is to share within reason.

Be Attentive and Proactive

No one can tell you how to make a guy fall in love with you, but being attentive and proactive surely won’t hurt.

Piggybacking on our previous online dating advice of listening, we add that you should also be attentive and remember the little things they mention.

It’s always the little things.

That’s why one of the best tips for dating online and IRL is remembering these little things and interests and being proactive about them.

Has your date mentioned he always wanted to go ice skating? Take them to an ice skating rink! These are not only great date ideas, but also amazing online dating tips that show that you care about that person.

Don’t Write People off Too Fast

Some of the plagues of our society are the divisiveness and the ease with which we discard everything, even people.

So, we’ll end the IRL and online dating tips with this one – don’t write people off too quickly after a small disagreement.

Instead, ask them about their perspective.

Who knows? It may not be that big of a deal. Maybe they change your mind! Perhaps you can offer your perspective, and you change their mind. Or, maybe, it’s a deal breaker, but giving them a chance won’t hurt either way.

Even the Best Dating Advice Isn’t a Magic Potion

We, dating experts, are not in the business of witchery, and dating advice can only go so far. No piece of dating advice will help you if you and the other person just don’t vibe. And they shouldn’t!

Dating is like a sport – you win some, you lose some.

It’s crucial to participate, and there are some online dating tips and rules of the game you should know. But, at the end of the day, when it’s right, it will be easy.

And that time will come.

Until then, you make do with the online dating advice we gave you.

Online Dating Advice: Need-To-Knows

dating tips and tricks

Online dating tips aren’t the only thing you need if you plan to embark on dating sites’ feeds. Those feeds will feel like a world of their own if you don’t know the dating lingo, so here are some examples.

  • NSA meaning – No strings attached
  • What does LTR mean? – Long-term relationship
  • What is a MILF – Mother I’d Like to F…
  • 3-day rule – You are to wait for 3 days before contacting your date after the previous date

Dating Tips and FAQs

Alright, before we close the chapter on online dating tips, we’ll answer some of your burning questions regarding online dating advice.

What Is the Best Dating Advice for Men?

The best dating advice for men we can give you is to know how to deal with rejection. It sounds cruel, but men face a lot of rejection as they’re the ones who usually approach women.

Knowing how to take it and behave when rejected will make it easier for you emotionally, but also it will make it easier for you to keep on trying.

That trying will lead to a yes sooner or later.

What Are the 5 Stages of Dating?

The 5 stages of dating are:

  • Attraction
  • Reality
  • Commitment
  • Intimacy
  • Engagement

What Are the Three Rules of Dating?

The three rules of dating are:

  • When it’s right, it’s easy
  • Don’t feel pressured to do anything
  • Trust your gut

What’s the Best Dating Advice You Can Give?

The best dating advice we can give is to work on it, but also take it easy. Slow progress is the name of the game. When it’s right, it’ll be easy, but you need to find the right person.

What Are Red Flags for First-Time Dating?

The red flags for first time dating to avoid are:

  • They talk about their ex too much (and trash talk them)
  • They don’t respect your boundaries
  • They’re rude to others
  • They talk about themselves all the time
  • They’re overly touchy or sexual

What Is the 5 Day Dating Rule?

The 5 day dating rule is the one that says girls and women are to wait to give up the goodies until the fifth rendezvous.


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