The Big Tech Show: The art of people hacking with burglar for hire Jenny Radcliffe | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

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Are people easy to hack? Are we vulnerable to manipulation? And could this skill be used to gain entry to a property?

Jenny Radcliffe is a people hacker, burglar for hire and expert in physical infiltration. She joined Adrian on The Big Tech Show this week to discuss her book ‘People Hacker: Confessions of a burglar for hire,’ which is soon to be made into a major tv series.

Adrian began by asking what a people hacker is. Radcliffe explained that a people hacker doesn’t use tech, she uses psychology and persuasion to convince a person to let her in to a building or give her information as a security test.

Adrian then brought up a chapter in the book where Jenny talks about faking a broken arm to get past biometric testing (fingerprint testing) at a high-end bank. The con-artist pointed out that the key to her success is assessing the culture. She had found that the bank didn’t want fuss, and she caused a commotion which resulted in the security guard letting her in.

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