The Borax Hack To Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Garbage disposals are safe harbors for bacteria to grow and flourish. A strong, musty odor coming from them is a clear indication that they need to be cleaned. It’s also good preventative maintenance to keep your drains and disposal operating efficiently long term. Borax is a simple helping tool for the job.

All you need is about 3 tablespoons of borax scooped right into the drain on your skin. Allow it to sit there for a good 15 minutes to allow the borax to do the work. Once that happens, turn on the hot water to your sink, turn on the garbage disposal, and watch the debris flush away. Let it run for about 30 seconds before moving on. You can also use borax to clean the base of the sink, the drain plug, and any metal in the area. Just apply a small amount of borax to a scrubby that’s damp and wipe it away. A bit of scrubbing power can help to remove some water stains as well. It will continue to help the drain and garbage disposal as it flushes away.


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