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The City of Bainbridge to Implement New Traffic Safety Program to Reduce Excessive Speeding Through School Zone – The Post-Searchlight | #schoolsaftey

The City of Bainbridge to Implement New Traffic Safety Program to Reduce Excessive Speeding Through School Zone

Published 1:25 pm Wednesday, August 9, 2023

The Bainbridge Public Safety Department will be launching an automated traffic enforcement speed program at Bainbridge Schools. Studies conducted in 2021 indicated we had a significant problem with speeding in our school zones.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 64 percent of child pedestrians killed in traffic crashes occurred during the weekday (6 a.m. Monday to 6:00 p.m. Friday) (NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts).

In conjunction with the city and school board we will be launching this program at Bainbridge High, Bainbridge Middle, Hutto Elementary, Jones Wheat Primary and W Bainbridge Elementary, to increase safety for students, parents, teachers, and anyone else traveling through these school zones.

The Photo Speed Enforcement System combines public information along with a 30-day warning period to encourage people to slow down and change their driving habits. In school
zones, there are posted speed limits. Schools will have flashing lights and additional road signs to show a vehicle’s speed and give advance warning of the upcoming school zone. Cameras will be used to identify any vehicles traveling over the approved speed limit. Anyone in the designated school zone driving 11 mph or more over the posted speed limit will receive a citation in the mail.

August 9th, will start the initial 30-day warning period. During this 30-day warning period, violators will receive a warning in the mail that carries no fine. After the warning period has
expired, violators will receive a citation in the mail. This violation is a civil violation and is not considered a traffic violation. You will not receive points on your driver’s license, and it will not be reported to your insurance. The automated speed zone will be enforced on school days starting one hour before school starts until one hour after the end of the school day. Even when lights are not flashing, the regularly posted speed limit will be photo enforced when school is in session and children are present.

The 30-day warning period will run from August 9th for 30 days. Enforcement will begin on September 11 th . We’re committed to safeguarding our kids with this innovative initiative. Please drive safely in our school zones and in our community. Our goal is ZERO. Zero injuries, zero crashes and zero endangered lives.

Participating schools and enforcement times:

Bainbridge High- ENFORCED – 6:38AM- 3:45PM
Bainbridge Middle -ENFORCED – 6:30AM-4:05PM
Hutto Elementary – ENFORCED – 6:40AM-3:55PM
Jones Wheat – ENFORCED – 7:00AM-3:40PM
W Bainbridge Elementary -ENFORCED- 7:00AM-3:45PM

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