The Cloud strategy of the Singapore changed after the NSA outcome

The Singapore cloud technology was launching its communication tool, but it actually paused because the Edward Snowden was up with the massive revelations of the history.
After that, the Singapore startup was concerned about its user’s privacy and they have to reconstruct the whole idea now, the Unified inbox CEO told.
The company is right now working on the development of three products. With the Unified Inbox, which is a mobile app, the users can have a single inbox for their Twitter, Facebook, email, SMS, etc.
With the

Unified Pro, the team will be able to communicate via sending messages to their peers regarding any business strategy. It will give them prompt chance to tackle and to assign the issue.

The company was planning to lead the whole structure on cloud based technology, but after the NSA issue, the complications have increased.

The company has no intentions of giving out the user’s data to the advertisers and they are imposing more security with the privacy. 

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