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The Cool Hack For Keeping Popsicles Melt-Free (Even At The Beach) | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

If you want to show up to the barbecue with popsicles in tow, the most important tool you need is an insulated travel mug with a wide mouth. There’s a lot of competition amongst mug makers these days, but any high-density insulated mug will do. Pick one of the wider, jumbo-sized models, which will allow you to get at least four or five popsicles inside of it (make sure they’re single, not double pops). It should also be tall enough so that you can fit the popsicles inside with some extra room on the top and bottom for ice.

Scoop a few cubes of ice into the bottom of the mug, then pack the mug nice and tight with popsicles. The tighter you pack them, the colder they’ll be since there will be less air inside the mug. Fill the cup with more ice and put the lid on top. This TikTok shows how to do it:


Packing some popsicles for our day at the pool ☀️👙 #poolday #popsicle #momhack #momhacks #momlife #asmr #beachbag

♬ original sound – Kellie Atkinson

If you know you’ll be packing for the beach later, it helps to pop the mug in the freezer for an hour or so to really get it chilled. If you don’t remember to do that, though, the hack will still work; your popsicles just won’t stay as cold as long.


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