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Most viewers expressed their approval of the hack. One person said, “This guy knows how to live.” Another echoed this sentiment, saying, “Great. Now I have to go to Costco.” Some followers offered their recommendations. “Sell them right there for a dollar and make your money back,” one person suggested. Speaking of money, remember that the confetti cookies cost about $10 a box, which one viewer thought was too expensive. Another agreed, saying the cookies should be only $.99.


When I saw these confetti cookies I knew I had to try to turn them into an ice cream sandwich! They’re the perfect size and it works perfect with the vanilla ice cream in the Costco court! #costcofinds#costco#costcotiktok#costcobuys#costcomusthaves#costcohaul#costcoguide#costcodealsandsteals#costcodealsoftheweek#costcocookies#costcohacks#costcohacks#costcohacksanddeals#costcohack#costcofood#costcofoodcourt#costcofoodmukbangcostcofoodcourtmukbang@@Costco Wholesale

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If you don’t think $12 for 12 ice cream sandwiches is worth it, you can still mimic this hack at home: There are plenty of other ways to make DIY ice cream sandwiches. For example, you could try it with oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, or any other flavors you enjoy — homemade or otherwise. For the ice cream component, use flavors that complement your cookie choice. 

Try chocolate chip cookies with chocolate chip ice cream, rainbow sherbet with plain sugar cookies, or Rocky Road with chocolate cookies. Or, add toppings to your Costco cookie sandwich, such as extra sprinkles around the sides to cover the ice cream. And, for younger kiddos, you could even make mini ice cream sandwiches if you buy (or make) smaller cookies. 


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