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The Crucial Role of Integrated Cybersecurity Platforms in Empowering B2B Security | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

In an increasingly digitized landscape, the significance of robust cybersecurity measures cannot be overstated. The B2B sector, in particular, is witnessing a surge in the development and deployment of integrated security platforms. Rajesh Chhabra, General Manager India at Acronis, sheds light on why cybersecurity companies are shifting their focus towards these comprehensive solutions. Integrated security platforms offer a holistic approach to safeguarding businesses, enabling seamless communication between various components of the security ecosystem.

This not only ensures optimal business continuity but also eliminates the cumbersome integration process and associated costs. Chhabra highlights that the advantages extend beyond the customer, as vendors expand their offerings and unlock additional revenue streams.

Chhabra highlights a positive response from the B2B sector towards integrated cybersecurity systems, citing endorsements from industry authorities Gartner and IDC. These organizations advocate for a unified cybersecurity defense strategy, advising companies to consolidate their security needs under a single trusted vendor.

(Excerpts from an interview):

Why are cybersecurity companies increasingly focusing on the development and launch of integrated security platforms?

Integrated security platforms is the only way to achieve the best business continuity (as part of the solution will communicate to each other natively), increasing performance, and eliminating long integration and integration costs. Customers benefit from an integrated security platform more than the vendor. On the other hand, the vendor expands their portfolio and stand to gain additional revenue.

How will the use of platforms instead of stand-alone products benefit users?

Users will have enjoy better performance and security. Taking for example, Acronis Cyber Protect, there are many security verticals/functionalities gathered under one management console with only one agent at the endpoint. One agent guarantees better performance plus all internal detection/analysis/logs and other events are processed in one agent and management console and user will have much more information to make the right verdict or conduct deep investigation, as well as recover the system/data after any attack. During a ransomware attack, because there is only one kernel driver and agent, the information about ransomware damage is seamlessly passed to the backup side of things, and affected files are automatically restored in a matter of seconds.

Will platforms in any way require improved hardware on the users’ end?

Usually no. (New operating systems require new hardware more than the security suites. No doubt, the newer hardware you have, the better solution will perform (i.e. scan time of HDD vs SSD/NVME SSD).)

Can integrated platforms mitigate threats arising from vulnerabilities in software installed on a device?

Only if these platforms have vulnerability assessment and patch management integrated (products like in Acronis Cyber Protect). If it is a 0-day vulnerability, technologies like Exploit Prevention will help to detect in-memory attacks.

In the B2B sector, what is the response to integrated cybersecurity systems?

Very positive. Gartner and IDC has already mentioned that integrated cybersecurity system is a trend and advised to proceed with company cyber security defenses from one vendor if it suits the company’s needs (i.e. all the verticals the company cares about should be covered by this one vendor).

How do integrated platforms benefit small and medium-sized enterprises in India?

Small and medium-sized enterprises benefit more if not the same way as bigger companies – it is cheaper, better performing, less management and support headache.

How do your cybersecurity companies plan to raise awareness for the adoption of integrated platforms by businesses in India as well as end consumers?

Constant communication and education is as important as releasing/updating our products. To help businesses meet the needs of the ever-evolving cyberthreat landscape, Acronis host various webinars, and conferences, and roadshows to educate our partners and customers. The Acronis Academy offers different training and certification programs to help businesses (and individuals) enhance their cybersecurity skills and knowledge. We are here to support them whether they are seeking professional certifications or starting an MSP business.

How difficult is it for new companies to tap into the existing market?

It is pretty difficult as the market is crowded and very competitive. Still, every year we see a lot of new startups emerge, most of which can find their niche on the market. It is still possible to find success if new companies has some idea or focus on a specific vertical or audience.


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