The Easy Hack To Refreshing Last Season’s Scented Pinecones | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

To refresh their cinnamon scent, place last season’s pinecones in a bowl or other container. Sprinkle a few drops of cinnamon essential oil over each cone until you reach the desired amount of scent. You can continue to use the same pinecones every year, repeating the procedure anew every holiday season. The pinecones will be as fresh and fragrant as they were when they were new. Others recommend putting the oils and pinecones in a plastic bag for a couple of days, which allows the scent to intensify. 

This is also a great chance to mix in other holiday favorite scents if desired, like vanilla, pine, citrus, or peppermint essential oil. The pinecones will easily soak up the additional scents. You can also opt for more subtle aromas like sage and rosemary, which are great if you plan to use pinecones as a part of your table decor, where cinnamon can often be overpowering while dining. If you do not have essential oils, which can be expensive, you can easily use more budget-friendly manufactured fragrance oils made for scented burners, candles, and soaps instead.


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