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The titular character of Boruto is very similar to his father, Naruto. One way that Boruto is different is that he has an intelligence Naruto never had. Boruto is shown to be a brilliant student, a genius when compared to his father. Boruto seems to breeze through life with relative ease.

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While it may seem that Boruto is always successful, there have been times when Boruto has lost. Boruto tends to rush forward without thinking because he is overly confident with his abilities. There have been fights that Boruto shouldn’t have won, but somehow he managed to succeed. Boruto still has a lot of growing to do before he can become a ninja as great as his father.

10 The Shadow Possessing His Friends

In the first episode, Boruto has to face off against something only he can see. There has been some dark shadow possessing people in the Leaf Village. The first time Boruto faces off against this shadow, it is possessing his new friend Denki.

Early on, every time Boruto faces the shadow, the shadow manages to escape. He can’t seem to win against an invisible enemy. The shadow always manages to get away from him, leading to his first loss in the series when the shadow flees from possessing Denki.

9 Konohamaru Tries To Stop Him

Boruto Uzumaki using Hapkido on Konohamaru Sarutobi

Boruto was late for his first day of school. He made his grand entrance by smashing a stolen train into the Great Stone Faces. The action caused his father great annoyance, but Boruto seemed to enjoy the attention it gave him.

Konohamaru stepped up to stop Boruto. The two had a quick fight where Boruto didn’t stand a chance, as Konohamaru was easily able to stop the much younger ninja. Though Boruto apologizes, Konohamaru points out that he isn’t actually sorry.

8 Boruto Against His Female Classmates

One day, Shino decided to pit the boys and girls against each other in a game of capture the flag. Boruto took the competition seriously and tried to win no matter what. Boruto goes all out to capture the flag.

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When it looks like Boruto has put ChoCho in danger, he runs to the rescue. This action gives the girls the perfect opportunity to snag the flag. The girls are ultimately victorious and Boruto seems to have learned a lesson about not being too eager to win.

7 Boruto Fights A Possessed Shino

When Shino overhears some of his students mocking him, he ends up getting his feelings hurt. The dark shadow possesses him, prompting him to take revenge against three of the students he overheard making fun of him.

Boruto, Mitsuki, and Shikadai are forced to fight for their lives against their powerful teacher. The trio doesn’t stand a chance against Shino but must stand against him. It was made clear that Boruto wouldn’t be able to win the fight.

6 Boruto Has A Sparring Match With Hanabi

There are many times that Boruto is able to see things that aren’t there. He begins to suspect something is happening with his eyes. After seeing one of his eyes is different, he believes he has awoken the Byakugan.

Boruto is taken to his mother’s family, who will test his skills. Boruto has a sparring match with his aunt, Hanabi. Hanabi is an incredibly skilled fighter, even without the aid of her Byakugan. Boruto’s fight against his aunt ends with his defeat.

5 He Losses A Sword Fight Against A Master Swordsman


Boruto and his classmates go on a field trip to the Land of Waves. A local boy named, Kagura Karatachi, acts as a guide to the class. Kagura and Boruto quickly become friends.

Kagura and Boruto are given swords and told to fight in a friendly match. Kagura is a bit of a prodigy when it comes to fighting with a sword. Boruto doesn’t have the same training with a sword, so Kagura is easily able to win.

4 Boruto Fights A Former Hokage

During Boruto’s graduation exam, he has to secure a bell from the former Hokage. On the surface, Kakashi is much stronger than the young student. Boruto firmly believes in his ability to overcome the village’s retired leader.

While Boruto puts up a good fight, he isn’t able to grab a bell. He is able to come close, similarly to Sasuke when he had to take the same test. Boruto is unable to win a fight against Kakashi.

3 A Gang Causes Problems For The Leaf Village


The Byakuya Gang are a group of thieves who like to wear owl-like masks. The gang is lead by a man named Gekko. A member of the gang, named Ryogi, manages to befriend Shikadai.

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When Boruto and Shikadai discovered one of the owl masked figures in the village, Shikadai stops Boruto from engaging in a fight. Shikadai’s mom shows up and asks for their help. Boruto immediately rushes into battle but the owl masked person manages to escape.

2 Sasuke Returns To The Village

When Sasuke returns to the village after a long absence, Boruto is able to meet him for the first time. Their meeting leads to them fighting for the first time. Boruto greatly underestimates his opponent.

He seems to think he stands a chance against the only person whose power can rival his father’s. Sasuke can easily dominate over Boruto in a fight. Boruto becomes incredibly impressed by Sasuke’s display of strength. The character never stood a chance against Sasuke.

1 His Fight Against His Best Friend

Boruto cheats

During the Chunin Exams, Boruto is forced to fight his best friend. Boruto and Shikadai both show promise. Boruto is able to create multiple shadow clones while Shikadai is able to capture the real Boruto and his shadow clones.

Boruto manages to create one more clone and is able to use this last clone to distract Shikadai. While Boruto ultimately wins the fight, he does so by cheating. He is later disqualified and stripped of his status as a ninja.

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