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The Flour Hack That Will Make Your Kitchen Sink Shine Like New | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

The flour hack is easy to follow, and you only need a few materials. Gather your flour, kitchen towel, kitchen cleaner, and a soft rag. Before you start applying any flour, make sure to wash all of your dishes and put them away. It’s also important to thoroughly wash your sink beforehand to get rid of food and any residue that’s stuck on the surface. You can clean the kitchen with simple soapy water or your go-to kitchen cleaner.

After you clean the sink as best you can, dry it with your kitchen towel. You don’t want any leftover water droplets, or it’ll mix with the flour and turn it into a gooey texture. Ensure you get every crevice in the sink and any surface surrounding the drain. Then, coat your sink with flour (use about ¼ cup of flour). Using your dry, soft rag, buff the flour over every surface by using circular motions. Get into every small corner where the food and dirt hide the most, especially around the drain. Finally, after you’ve been buffing away, start seeing food come out, and the sink starts shining, you can clean up the flour with the same rag you used or a new one. Wipe out the flour and throw it away in the trash can. Try to get as much of the flour out to prevent getting any of it wet, because it could clog your drain.


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