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If you examine the difference between triple-A batteries and double-A, you’ll find they are pretty similar. Triple-A batteries are smaller and slimmer, often being used for smaller devices that don’t need as much power. Conversely, double-A has more energy and is used for larger electronics that require it. But outside of their size and power capability, these batteries are similar enough to be interchangeable as long as we can make the battery fit into the slot — which is where aluminum foil comes into play.

Aluminum foil is a conductor, meaning electricity can pass through it. Because of this nifty fact, aluminum foil will allow you to bridge the gap left between a triple-A battery and the double-A battery slot. Grab a small piece of foil and ball it up, or fold it small enough to fit inside the device’s battery holder. You can place it on the negative terminal, the flat end, or the positive, the springy end — either side will work. Once your triple-A battery is placed in the remaining space, ensure it’s snug, and you should have a working device. Tin foil can also be used, and with such a low voltage, you won’t need to worry about possibly getting shocked. Although an expedient and safe hack, keep in mind that this is a temporary solution at best. Triple-A batteries cannot keep up with double-A for long, and you will still want to grab the proper battery size at your earliest convenience.


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