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The Genius Hack That Makes Grilling Corn On The Cob Even Easier | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

To create a husky handle on your corn cob, carefully pull the husk all the way back so it remains intact at the bottom of the cob — which will gradually expose the corn. Upon peeling back the husks, you will uncover the silk as well, which you can then delicately remove and dispose of. While the husks may require strength to pull back, don’t go overboard — be careful not to rip them from the base of the cob, as this could compromise the handle. With the vegetable now exposed, you can use a piece of kitchen string or twine — or even a piece of the husk itself — to tie the husks together. 

You can leave the wispy ends poking out from the string or fold the ends up into a more handle-like shape for a neater finish. Either way, your corn is now ready for the grill, and you can easily move your corn around the grill without touching the extra hot cob. While this hack saves on washing up too, it is not entirely immune to heat. The husk handles may still be slightly hot, especially if they’ve been on the grill for a while. Be smart and use a tea towel or a couple of layers of paper towels to remove from the grill and serve.


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