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If you are a regular coffee drinker, then you might keep some kind of coffee creamer in your fridge at all times. While there are coffee purists who believe you should take your coffee black, can anyone really be faulted for wanting to start their day off with a little yummy sweetness –- especially when creamers come in such fun flavors like Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup? However, one problem with those large bottles of coffee creamer is that they can be annoying to open. Especially when they come with that hard-to-grab tin foil freshness seal on top. Luckily, there’s an easy hack that can solve this problem. In fact, opening your average bottle of coffee creamer doesn’t require any special tools or utensils. All you need is the lid to immediately gain access to the precious creamer within.

In a TikTok titled “Been drinking coffee since I was 17 and I learned this last week,” the trick is demonstrated on a Coffee Mate bottle. However, it should also work on creamers from almost any brand as long as they are packaged in a similar style. So, how do you do it?

How to use a creamer lid to open the seal

The first step to opening your new bottle of coffee creamer is to unscrew the lid and expose the tinfoil freshness seal that is often placed over the opening of the bottle. Then, go ahead and open the unscrewed lid to reveal a small plastic ring that juts out from the top of the lid on the inside. To pierce the freshness seal, take the raised plastic ring on the inside of the lid and press it into the top of the foil seal until you hear a pop. The pop means you’ve broken through the seal. Now you can screw the lid back in place and start using the creamer.


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According to people in the comments of the original video, this hack works like a charm. In fact, the content creator’s discovery resonated with so many people that it ended up going viral. Even the “Today” show got involved and commented, requesting permission to demonstrate the hack on air.

How the lid method compares

When comparing the lid opening method for coffee creamer to other traditional methods like using the pull tab, a butter knife, or a chopstick, it’s easy to see why this video ended up becoming as popular as it did. Firstly, opening a bottle of coffee creamer with the tiny hard-to-grab pull tab is just time-consuming and difficult. Plus, most of the time, the pull tab rips off leaving you with a still-unopened bottle of creamer.

When this happens, most people turn to their trusty butter knife or chopstick to pierce a hole in the foil and peel it back from the center. While both of these options do work, with the force needed to pierce the foil, you will likely end up dipping the end of the piercing tool into the creamer — meaning you’re just going to need to wash it later. The lid method, on the other hand, means no need to grab anything from the silverware drawer and nothing to clean afterward making it the best option. Plus, according to a circa-2016 YouTube video from creamer company International Delight, the lid was designed to be used that way all along.


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