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The Genius TikTok Hack For Getting A Cheaper Combo Meal At Chick-Fil-A | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

“Guys, if you get the Chick-fil-A combo, you’re getting ripped off,” TikTok user @HellthyJunkFood claimed in their viral Chick-fil-A menu hack video on May 1. However, not everybody agreed. 


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While some people in the upload’s comments section expressed thanks to the TikToker for sharing the trick, others weren’t exactly impressed by the potential two dollars in savings. “Just buy the regular combo it’s not even that expensive,” one person commented. “I’ll pay the extra $2 just to get bigger fries lol,” another quipped.

Some people found a few issues when trying to execute the hack for themselves. A few foodies found that they were charged a fee for adding an à la carte bun to their order, but one of the most common flaws was that the final price of their kid’s meal rang in much higher than what @HellthyJunkFood paid. This is likely because Chick-fil-A’s prices vary by location. For example, the average price of an a la carte original chicken sandwich is $4.73, though some cities offer it for as little as $3.69 and others have it priced as high as $6.29. Still, in the restaurant’s founding city of Atlanta, Georgia, an Original Chicken Sandwich combo (which doesn’t include ice cream) costs close to $10, and a two-count Chick-N-Strips kids meal costs $6.85, suggesting that the potential savings could actually be greater depending on where you are.


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