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In the nurturing embrace of The Goddard School, every child’s journey into the world of learning is not just an exploration of knowledge but a voyage safeguarded by a fortress of safety measures. With a visionary approach and an unwavering commitment to child protection, The Goddard School of Wall has redefined the preschool environment, ensuring that safety is not just a priority but a way of life.

At the heart of The Goddard School of Wall their ethos lies a commitment to open communication with parents. Recognizing that the journey of education begins with trust, the school places great emphasis on understanding the concerns and expectations of its families. By fostering a transparent and communicative relationship, The Goddard School of Wall creates a secure foundation for every child’s educational voyage. Additionally, their transparency in showcasing their investment in safety technology reassures parents that their children are in good hands.

Safety is not just a buzzword at The Goddard School of Wall; it’s a guiding principle. With a comprehensive safety protocol in place, the school is dedicated to enhancing the safety of every child within its care. From innovative technology to hands-on training, The Goddard School of Wall leaves no stone unturned in creating a protective haven for its young learners. “Parents want to drop their children off in the morning at a school with a safe environment and pick them up at the end of the day in the same setting” according to Kim Shea, The Goddard School’s Director. “If children feel safe and secure in their environment, they are better able to learn.”

Goddard School of Wall is committed to compliance with every safety regulation put in place by the state of New Jersey and Goddard Corporate. Compliance measures include:

  • Maintaining a Proper Student to Teacher Ratio in Each Classroom
  • Functional Entry and Exit Systems on Premises
  • Face to Name Recognition in Every Classroom
  • A Safe and Secure Playground
  • Routine Fire Drills
  • Active Shooter Drills as well as a Record of Date and Time Practicing These Drill
  •  Ensuring All Student Medical Records are Current and All Mandated Vaccinations Are Complete

Adhering to all compliance guidelines at the Goddard School of Wall:

  • Reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. Preschools are full of potential hazards, such as sharp edges, choking toys, and playground equipment. By following safety regulations, preschools can help to eliminate or minimize these hazards.
  • Prevents the spread of illness. Preschoolers are particularly susceptible to illness, as they are still developing their immune systems. By following hygiene and sanitation regulations, preschools can help to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.
  • Protects children from abuse and neglect. Preschools have a responsibility to report any suspected cases of abuse or neglect to the appropriate authorities. By following mandated reporter laws, preschools can help to protect children from harm.

The Goddard School of Wall embraces state-of-the-art technology to increase the safety of its students. Installing emergency panic buttons in every classroom provides an instantaneous response mechanism, empowering the staff to act swiftly in any crisis. Moreover, the school has invested in cutting-edge facial recognition technology, akin to systems employed in airports by the TSA, offering an additional layer of security.

The school is dedicated to ensuring safety both inside and outside the classrooms. To achieve this goal, smart system cameras installed around the school’s perimeter keep a watchful eye, acting as reliable guardians. Additionally, hardwired gate alarms have been implemented throughout the premises to strengthen the school’s defenses further. These alarms immediately alert the appropriate personnel and intervene in cases of unauthorized access.

At The Goddard School of Wall, they understand the importance of having a knowledgeable and empowered staff in maintaining a safe environment for all students. That’s why the school conducts regular safety training sessions to equip educators with the skills and knowledge needed to handle any potential threats. This proactive approach to safety training helps prevent incidents and fortifies faculty, ensuring a better and safer school for everyone.

Safety extends beyond security systems; it encompasses the physical environment in which children play. The Goddard School of Wall has been granted the approval to install new artificial turf and a new playground structure by the State of New Jersey. The State of New Jersey was instrumental in the design to ensure the equipment is safe and the playing area is perfect for young children.

To offer the most advanced curriculum in preschool education, The Goddard School of Wall, has appointed a new Director of Education, Miss Tara. Tara has been with Goddard since 2007 and holds her BA degree in Early Childhood Education. This visionary leader has 18 years of teaching pre-school students. She is dedicated to implementing an innovative and comprehensive curriculum that not only nurtures academic growth but also aligns with the highest standards of safety and child development.

Miss Tara has implemented educational directives in our school that align with Goddard’s corporate educational executives. Her lesson plans promote advanced educational growth as early as 6 months, replacing the old days of just taking crayons to paper. Each activity is based on a corresponding lesson plan that supports a child’s academic and social growth. Moreover, the Goddard School of Wall has four classrooms starting at three years old, equipped with technology-integrated smart boards. Even three-year-olds can use these smart boards to learn letters, shapes, numbers, and interactively trace objects on the board. Children need fresh air and outdoor playtime. Ms. Tara has implemented outdoor-based play that aligns with learning.

To sum up, emergency plans are a crucial aspect of safety measures in preschool settings. They represent a solid commitment to protecting and caring for the youngest members of our communities. Not only do they improve response times, but they also empower educators and contribute to a comprehensive safety framework. The safety strategies of The Goddard School of Wall ensure that preschoolers can pursue knowledge in an environment where safety is the top priority.


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