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‘The Greatest Hack’: ParkUp makes finding a spot in DTLA just a little easier | Recommended | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Imagine the average Angeleno sitting in traffic for an hour, and by the time they get Downtown, they’re late for an appointment, just about ready to implode, let alone have to deal with that scary word that gives the chills — that’s right, the “P” word. 

Parking has always been such a pain, especially when driving around the crazy streets of Downtown, but we may have finally found a solution. Local startup ParkUp is basically the ultimate parking hack and can be found at the palm of your hand with your mobile device. This app can make the parking experience a tad bit more dandy. 

No more circling the block endlessly with your fingers crossed, hoping for a spot to open. No more seeing a car pulling out of a spot and stepping on the gas to get one, before another car ultimately makes an illegal U-turn from the other side of the street to get there first. No more parallel parking only to find the spot is a 10-minute parking zone. 

No more seeing a parking attendant with a too-good-to-be-true $5 sign posted at the entrance only to find out after you pull in that the daily rate is much higher.

ParkUp lets you actually compare prices and pay for your parking spot all on the same app. You know exactly how much it’s going to cost without any hidden fees or gimmicks or the million other headaches that come with parking in this city.

So don’t worry if you forgot to bring cash from home, and please don’t bother with the parking meter that always seems to be broken.

ParkUp has created a super simple, user-friendly app that brings it all together in the palm of your hands. Yes, downloading it may be a little annoying the first time, but the minute or two spent doing it can save you money. It’s like the greatest hack no one ever thought of, surprising considering what an unpleasant experience parking Downtown can be.




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