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The Hack That’ll Keep Ketchup From Flying Out From The Packet | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

As mentioned, it can be kind of hard to get every last bit of that tangy tomato condiment out of that plastic packet. Unlike the paper ketchup cups, you can’t exactly dip your fries into the packet if you’ve only ripped off the corner per the packet’s instructions. However, by simply changing the direction of how you tear open the packet, you can very easily make a convenient and easy ketchup pouch to dip your fries into.

To achieve this, take the ketchup packet and find the dotted or marked corner that tells you where to tear it. Instead of tearing at the little corner in one quick horizontal jerk, tear right down along the side in one long vertical rip. In this way, you open up the ketchup packet to resemble a pouch or wallet shape, perfect for dispensing an enormous amount of ketchup at once or dipping your fries into without making a mess. Again, this is a remarkably easy and very basic trick.

The hack can be done with any ketchup packet, but it’s best to tear slowly. Since you’re opening the entire thing, there’s a chance that ripping it too fast could cause some of the ketchup to splatter out. Just pinch the edge you’re tearing, rip the packet slowly and firmly without being too rough, and you’ll avoid any wayward condiments on your hands, face, or clothes.


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