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As the warmer months are well and truly among us, many of us will be spending more time outdoors in our gardens. Whether it’s sunbathing, inflating paddling pools, or tending to the greenery, there’s a little something for everyone.

However there’s the bad part of gardening: insects. There’s nothing worse than basking in the breeze then that awful high pitched ringing noise begins vibrating your ear.

You initially try to ignore it, but before long you’re frantically slapping the air like a person possessed and now the vibe’s ruined. Fortunately though, not all hope is lost according to one TikTok user.

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In a video that’s been played over two million times, one crafty gardener let us in on an ace repellent we will all have in our kitchens. It turns out that ‘bugs and mosquitoes hate the smell of coffee’.

So she sprinkled it over her lawn, and better yet her outdoor space ‘smells great’. It certainly led to an eruption in the comments section. One person advised that: “I believe you can go to any coffee shop and ask for the used coffee grinds and they will give it away.”

“Used coffee grounds are great for your garden, too,” commented a second. And another joked: “I did this around my house and I had a traffic 6 miles long people thought I opened a Starbucks.”


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