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Ponte Vedra, Fla. – THP (The Hackers Paradise) Media, which hosts an interactive website, golf forum and publishes a monthly digital magazine, today shared the details of their THP Tech Studio 2.0.

The THP Tech Studio is equal parts indoor golf simulator and equipment lab designed to create content for the audience. From videos on individual pieces of equipment to furthering the #GarageSimCrew campaign, the 2nd generation of this office space is all about engagement with the audience in unique ways.

“When we created the first Tech Studio a number of years ago, the goal was all about testing equipment for the audience”, said THP President, Josh Babbitt. “This new space builds on that model while also offering more ways to be seen for our partners.”

The #GarageSimCrew campaign is all about creating golf at home, be it in a full-blown simulator or something as simple as a net and mat setup in the garage. THP showcases ways to accomplish this through feature reviews and videos on a wide range of indoor golf topics.

“The technology segment in golf is not only growing at a rapid pace, but changing by the day and we want to educate our audience”, said Babbitt.  “We created the Garage Sim Crew as a way for everybody involved to share ideas, consumer to consumer, through our online forum.”

About The Hackers Paradise

To date, THP Media, Inc. reaches millions of golfers monthly through their various outlets and has emerged as one of the most dependable media resources for the industry as a whole.

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