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Lately, I have been asked a lot about security in Business Central and how good it is… Permissions, Roles, Field Level Permission with an APP, and so on. How do you know if anything has been compromised, or if you have a critical internal control or SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) issue?

Well, there are ways to ensure you have a handle on your internal controls and SOX permissions, but I will hold that for a future article (or reach out to me, and we can chat). In the meantime, with my experience with dozens of manufacturing customers and providing them with Business Central guidance, advice, and best practices, I thought about cyberattacks and their impact on manufacturers. Here are my thoughts…

As business owners, our idea of investing back into our company is to hire reputable employees, expand our marketing campaigns, and reach out to new clients. But in our modern era of computing, failure to emphasize our user data creates a red flag moving into the future. Pertinent details such as sales transactions, client information, credit card numbers, database specifics, architecture, and infrastructure need to be protected from malicious attacks at all costs. So, if you’re on the fence about developing a cybersecurity infrastructure and training program for your manufacturing organization, here are the facts you need to know.

Companies Lose Billions of Dollars Annually Due to Compromised Security

When we sit down and examine our annual budget, manufacturers’ cybersecurity seems to be an idea that we push to the back of our minds. While topics such as employee retention, client acquisition, and outsourcing are critical for future success, the thought of protecting our systems seems to be an afterthought.

New data is being released that shows hackers can cause billions of dollars worth of damage in the blink of an eye. Even more alarming is that many manufacturers fail to realize that their servers, databases, and files have become compromised. Hearing these statistics strikes fear in the hearts of budding business owners, and many of them turn to cyber insurance to cover their losses, but this misses the point. Manufacturers are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks, leading to plenty of unnecessary costs if there’s a lack of practical and well-managed security measurements already in place.

The way that we, as aspiring professionals, fight back against those threats is by instilling a ‘security first’ mindset in our employees. When manufacturers give adequate cybersecurity training to the individuals who make their business run, they greatly reduce the risk of upcoming attacks.

People are the Weakest Link

In a movie or television show, the scene with a hacker infiltrating a company usually shows images of terminals, complicated commands, network maps, and vulnerable ports that act as vectors for a would-be criminal to utilize. In a real-world scenario, most attacks begin with communicating with low-level staff inside an organization. The attacker may appear friendly and interested in doing business, but they’re often probing for specific details that will allow them free access to your technologies.

A person-to-person attack is commonly referred to as social engineering. An outside party will probe employees for pertinent data such as passwords, the email addresses their bosses use, client information, network configurations, and so on. With adequate employee cybersecurity training, your staff can screen for these types of inquiries and stop an attacker in their tracks.

Moreover, it allows the staff to realize that almost anything can be used as a vector point for a cybersecurity threat. Devices such as smartphones, iPads, laptops, server rooms, and personal profiles on social media websites are areas that interest hackers. Last year, Manufacturers had the highest number of cyberattacks for all major industries, accounting for nearly one-fourth of the attacks. That’s why it’s critical to implement a security framework and in-depth employee training into your business budget.

Should You Take Cyber Attacks Seriously?

For business owners who want to protect their clients’ information moving into the future, cybersecurity services and training are the logical choice. Rather than assessing your threat-protecting model as a return on investment (ROI), think of it as a safety mechanism that will protect you from losing millions of dollars from outside threats.

Not only will cybersecurity services and training allow you to rest easy at night knowing your manufacturing business is protected, but it will also show potential clients that you value their security and privacy.

Why Does Your Manufacturing Business Need Cybersecurity Services and Training?

Cybersecurity is essential to a business, especially manufacturing businesses. Without proper security, hackers and cybercriminals can infiltrate and disrupt your entire operation. Here are some key reasons to invest in cybersecurity services and training:

1. Protecting your Confidential Information: Cybersecurity is key to protecting confidential information. That way, you can protect information like customer data, intellectual property, and trade secrets from hackers.

2. Maintaining Business Operations: Manufacturing businesses heavily rely on computer systems and networks that manage their inventory, supply chain, and production processes. Cyberattacks can break down these systems and cost you downtime, revenue, and even reputation.

3. Meeting Compliance Requirements: Most manufacturers must meet industry standards and regulations specific to their region and business. These require proper cybersecurity measures that can lead to fines and legal consequences if not followed.

4. Building Customer Trust: Customers prefer and trust manufacturers that take their privacy and security seriously. A great cybersecurity infrastructure protects not only you but also your customers.

Investing in manufacturers in cybersecurity services and training helps protect your business from potential threats, builds customer trust, and ensures your business will run smoothly and efficiently. Protect your business from ransomware and cyberattacks by building a cybersecurity infrastructure that’s designed for your business.


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