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SALISBURY, MD. – We all know the importance of cybersecurity, but one local technology group says hackers can access your information, easier than you think.

Hackers are coming up with new tactics every day. Impact Technology Founder and CEO, Justin Kelley, said one click in your inbox could give someone access to a lot of your important information.

“Everybody’s vulnerable to some kind of cybersecurity threat today, because we all live in a digital world, and cybersecurity is threatening an attack to get all of us,” Kelley said. ”

“Hackers know that if they put up just the right information- just the right bait in a phishing email- that it’s very easy for the person to be tricked by that email, and give up their information,” Kelley added.

Impact Marketing Manager, Tara Diskin, said using easily guessed passwords, like your children’s names or birthdays, can make you an easy target.

“That’s one big thing; don’t use any of your personal information as your passwords, because they’re easily guessed,” Diskin said. “So if someone gains access to one password, they’re going to have access to all your accounts. If your password is the same for Facebook as your bank account, It’s as simple as that.”

Since avoiding technology isn’t a realistic option, Kelley said it’s that much more important that you take cybersecurity seriously.

“Be educated, take some training, whatever it might be, so you can know what to look for,” Kelley said. “Thirdly, put the protections in place, whether it’s your IT provider or something that you might know that has good protections in place, put those protections in place- for businesses, get cybersecurity insurance. It really does help, and makes a difference.”


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