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Bank of America Phishing Email

Many of us rely on our online bank accounts on a daily basis. So, the thought of being locked out is an unnerving prospect. The people behind this next scam are well aware of this, and use it to their advantage, threatening to cut off access to Bank of America customers if  they don’t respond in time.

It starts with a fairly convincing email that claims to come from Bank of America. Those who don’t hold accounts with the bank are likely to spot something is off straight away, but its easy to see how customers could be sucked in.

The email states that the bank requires some updated account information, and that if this isn’t provided within two days, the account will be frozen.

It’s highly unusual for any bank to threaten to take away its service in this way. Follow the link and you’ll land on an almost convincing Bank of America page.

Visually, it looks like the real deal, but the garbled URL is a give away. It’s always worth checking the web address of any sites that you’re not sure about. In this case, it’s a random collection of letters that doesn’t exactly scream ‘genuine’.

While the front page mimics the Bank of America’s own, you’ll find that none of the links go anywhere. But, try and log into the site, and the scammers will have your vital username and password for your Bank of America account.

As far as scams go, this is a classic case of phishing, where victims are fooled into entering their personal data on what they believe to be a genuine site.

This scam email purports to be from Bank of America, but scammers will imitate all sorts of popular banks when sending out phishing emails en masse. The safest practice is to never, ever click on an email claiming to be from your bank. Instead, always open a new browser tab and navigate to the official bank webpage manually, then log in securely. That way, you can be sure you’ve not inadvertently followed a fraudulent link.

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