The massacre of the Park: from the coronavirus, suspended the process for the shooting at a school in Florida | #schoolshooting | #parenting | #parenting | #kids

The attack caused the death of 17 people Credit: Capture

FORT LAUDERDALE (AP).- The trial of the young man accused of


17 people in a school in the state of


in 2018, has been suspended indefinitely due to the restrictions related to the outbreak of the


in the united States.

The judge of the circuit, Broward county; Elizabeth Scherer, said in a hearing that takes place at a distance is not yet clear when it will reopen to the public the county court is closed from 16 march, with the exception of essential personnel.

One of the attorneys appointed by the court to the defendant,

Nikolas Cruz,

he said that there were other delays associated with the virus for the shooting of dozens of statements from witnesses.

In addition,

the defense experts who seek to interview the Cross on mental health problems and related issues have not had access to him in the Broward county jail.

Another factor that prevents the continuation of the trial is the

inability to maintain social distancing and the use of the barbijos to the members of the jury.

To evaluate the possibility of continuing the process, the judge set the next hearing for August 25.

The massacre of the Park

Nikolas Cruz, 21, is accused of

kills 17 people

and wounding 17 others with a

rifle AR-15, in the school of Marjory Stoneman Douglas on the Day of Valentine’s day, 2018.

Before the massacre, on their social network Cross appeared carrying guns and knives Credit: Sheriff of Broward County

Cross-entered in the secondary, an hour north of Miami, just a few minutes before the bell to send everyone back to their homes, the alarm is activated triggered panic and began to shoot. Many believed that it was an exercise, until they heard the shots, one after the other. Desperate, different teachers and students sought shelter where they could. Some fled, others were locked in closets, or hidden under the seats.

The evidence that teachers, students and parents provided to the media or to the left behind the social media painted a methodical butcher.

The shooter walked the halls, back and forth, shooting inside the classroom, through the doors and windows.

The situation of the pandemic

The county


he has had more than 11,300 cases of coronavirus and 373 deaths, according to the Florida Department of Health, and your situation is part of a

an alarming increase in

the number of cases in the south-western part of the united States.

The increase of the curve of hiv infections has increased fears that the epidemic is out of control, and that the hard-earned progress against the epidemic growing hands because of the resistance of many americans to use the masks and keep distance from the others.

In the majority of cases occur in south Florida, particularly in Miami-Dade county, where it is reported 24.607 cases and 874 deaths, while in Palm Beach 10.380 people have tested positive for Covid-19 and 468 deaths. The numbers that have not only put in doubt the re-opening of the economic advances half way, but to offer topics academic models that put the “Sunshine state”, as the next target of spread in the united States.


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