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Accenture CISO Kris Burkhardt on Advancing Cybersecurity With Innovative Tech

Kris Burkhardt, CISO, Accenture

As cyberthreats continue to evolve, organizations are increasingly turning to advanced technological solutions to mitigate risks. Replacing traditional passwords with biometrics and passwordless has become imperative for many organizations due to the inherent risks associated with passwords, according to Kris Burkhardt, CISO, Accenture.

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Passwordless systems offer heightened security by eliminating the transmission of user secrets over networks, and maintaining an accurate inventory of applications is paramount for implementing passwordless effectively, Burkhardt said.

“When you want to go passwordless, you have to have an ID provider that supports passwordless. You have to have authentication methods like Hello for Business or an authenticator app on your phone,” he said. “For all your applications to support it, you have to configure them. You have to get rid of those old password prompts that existed in them. They have to be integrated with your identity provider. You have to write those configuration files. In order to do all that, you have to know where your applications are, who owns them.”

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group at RSA Conference 2024, Burkhardt also discussed:

  • The role of change management in fostering user confidence in passwordless authentication;
  • Implementing app proxies to support passwordless;
  • The potential for generative AI to facilitate rapid malware analysis and enhance cybersecurity.

Burkhardt leads a team of security experts charged with protecting company, client and people data. He is accountable for security operations, client data protection, cyber risk reduction strategies, incident response, cybersecurity integration of acquisitions and an industry-leading behavioral change program.


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