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In an exclusive interview from CXOTalk, Michael Krigsman spoke with Anand Oswal, the visionary leader of Palo Alto Networks’ network security business,  who delved into the critical importance of securing unmanaged devices in today’s digital landscape.

“Palo Alto Networks is dedicated to making every day more secure than the last,” Oswal emphasized. “My role is to ensure that users, applications, and data remain consistently protected across all control points.”

Oswal highlighted the pressing need to address the security risks posed by personal laptops and phones accessing corporate applications and data. “Over 50% of devices accessing corporate resources are unmanaged,” Oswal revealed. “And the consequences are dire, with about 90% of successful malware originating from such devices.”

Oswal recalled a chilling incident: “Attackers infiltrated a company’s network through a site reliability engineer’s personal laptop, leading to a data breach facilitated by unmanaged device access.”

“To address this growing problem,” Oswal introduced the concept of enterprise browsers, a revolutionary solution identified by Gartner as a crucial emerging category. “By 2030, enterprise browsers will become the primary platform for secure access from unmanaged devices,” he stated.

“The adoption of enterprise browsers is driven by the need to balance security with productivity,” Oswal explained. “Enterprise browsers offer a seamless and cost-effective solution, providing robust security without compromising user experience.”

The acquisition of Talon, a leading enterprise browser company, further strengthens Palo Alto Networks’ position in the cybersecurity landscape. “Talon’s technology brings additional layers of security to browser workspaces, protecting against advanced threats like phishing and keylogging,” Oswal emphasized.

“Educating organizations about the risks associated with unmanaged devices is paramount,” Oswal emphasized. “Awareness and proactive measures are essential to mitigate the majority of data breaches occurring through applications and email accessed via browsers.”

“In conclusion,” Oswal stressed, “Holistic security across all devices, managed and unmanaged alike, is crucial. By adopting enterprise browsers and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, organizations can fortify their defenses and stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.”

As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, the conversation with Anand Oswal serves as a timely reminder of the urgent need to secure unmanaged devices and safeguard critical assets in an increasingly digital world.


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