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The Philippines ranks 27th in cybersecurity literacy | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

In its Cybersecurity Readiness Index, multinational digital technology conglomerate Cisco said Indonesian firms lead the world in cybersecurity readiness, with 39 percent of them ready to defend against future risks.

MANILA, Philippines — Collected data since November 2020 showed that the Philippines ranks 27th when it comes to cybersecurity literacy skills.

Cybersecurity company and VPN service provider NordVPN organized the National Privacy Test to evaluate a person’s online aspects, including their theoretical understanding of cybersecurity, their ability to recognize online threats and how they react accordingly.

Nine of the countries that figured in the Top 10 — out of 140,000 respondents from 192 countries — were from Europe, led by Vatican City, which scored a global high of 72 points, particularly because of residents’ abilities to demonstrate excellent awareness of digital risks and how to avoid them.

Finland and the Czech Republic followed the Holy See with comparatively poorer results when it came to digital habits, digital privacy awareness and digital risk. 

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The sole non-European country was seventh placed Singapore with 69 points. The closest Asian countries were Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, both with 67 points but were not in the Top 10.


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Even at 27th place, the Philippines earned 66 points, a point higher than the global average. The country is behind Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.

Top countries in other continents were the United States in North America, New Zealand in Oceania, and Brazil in South America.

The data showed that while majority of global respondents worldwide succeeded the most in recognizing and avoiding digital risks, less than half know how to use online services and employ the right privacy tools to ensure their data is secure.

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