‘The Player’ Season 1 Episode 5 Follows Alex & Teenage Hacker Mission

After last week’s episode, NBC’s “The Player” — originaly called “Endgame” — is back with its freshman season’s episode 5. From the looks of it, the brand new episode entitled “House Rules” is going to be action packed since Philip Winchester’s Alex will have a new mission.

In a sneak peek at the upcoming episode, the clip starts with the introduction of a savvy student named Solomon Desai, played by guest star Nik Dodani. The voiceover for “The Player” promotional clip says at the start, “This boy has stumbled upon something extraordinary. How will you protect him?”

The teaser then jumps to Charity Wakefield’s Cassandra King telling Alex that he needs to save the teenage hacker, and he only has 36 hours to do it since the whole world is after the student.

According to TV Equals, Solomon will be in big trouble when he attempts to hack the Pentagon and succeeds in doing so. However, he may have found very confidential data during the hack, alarming The House and the Chinese government. The two forces will try to get Solomon first, so Alex must do his best to keep the young hacker safe.

Will Yun Lee is guest starring as one of the Chinese representatives who is after Solomon following the hack. This basically means that Winchester will finally get a rematch with Lee onscreen. Apparently, the two actors fought during the finale of “Strike Back,” so fans of the show will get to see them going head-to-head once again, but this time it’s going to happen on NBC’s “The Player,” as per Examiner.

Aside from the new case, Alex will be pitted against his emotions when a big clue is dropped on where his ex-wife Daisy Betts’ Ginny could be. In the same sneak peek, Alex could be seen getting emotional over a phone call while the voiceover says, “Get ready for the one phone call that will turn the entire game upside down.”

Elsewhere, fans of NBC’s new series will see Wesley Snipes’ Mr. Johnson taking drastic measures when he reunites with an old friend. The old friend could have turned into his enemy, leading Johnson to put the former in his rightful place.

In an earlier interview, Snipes said, “We’re trying to do the stuff that you would normally see or you could see on a high concept action feature. And not the same old thing; stuff that’s going to have an emotional impact to it and be visually engaging.” Could he be teasing about “The Player” Season 1 Episode 5 when he said this? Find out by tuning in on NBC tonight at 10 p.m. EDT.

The official synopsis of NBC’s “The Player” Season 1 Episode 5 reads: “A student hacks the Pentagon and Alex attempts to protect him from both the House and the Chinese government; and new discoveries are made about Ginny’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Mr. Johnson takes drastic measures after issues arise with an old friend.”

Don’t miss the brand new episode of the show everyone’s talking about. Catch it when it airs this Thursday night at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC. You may also watch “The Player” Season 1 Episode 5 online using this free online stream link here.

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