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It didn’t take that long, all things considered. In a short Tweet today, hacker Andy Nguyen aka TheFloW has confirmed that he, along with xyz and Calle Svensson (@ZetaTwo), have hacked the PlayStation portal, Sony’s companion screen for the PS5.

TheFloW confirmed that the exploit chain is entirely software based.

PlayStation Portal has been hacked, can run PSP emulator

The PlayStation portal was out roughly 3 months ago, and, of course, hackers started looking into the device straight away. It’s not extremely surprising that the device got hacked fairly quickly. It wasn’t expected to be extremely secure from the start, running on what appeared to be a slightly modified Android stack.

In his Tweet, TheFloW showcased a screenshot of the Portal running PPSSPP, a popular PSP emulator (which runs natively on Android). The hacker however stated that there is no release planned in the near future, and still a lot of work to do. Whether that means a release could happen longer term, is not really guaranteed.

PlayStation Portal has roughly 6GB available on internal disk, apk install prevention measures

Andy has shared little specifics about the hack or the device so far. However he said the hackers might publish a video with more details in the days to come.

For now, he’s mentioned that the device has about 6GB available on the SD Card, and that Sony’s implementation has some custom code to prevent installing apk files (a mitigation that TheFloW confirmed he has bypassed)

If a hack ever gets publicly released for the PlayStation Portal though, don’t expect the device hack to uncover any particularly juicy secrets about the PS5. I wouldn’t expect the device to contain any specifically relevant information for a PS5 hack.

source: TheFloW


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