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To the editor:

Our culture is operating on a knife’s edge. The gun violence issue in the United States is particularly troubling as the media has covered mass shootings in schools, and other public facilities including movie theaters, grocery stores, religious institutions, and night clubs.

But if we direct our attention to the loss of children, important attention that rarely makes front-page news, we learn that the leading cause of death among children (age 1-18) is death by a gun. The circumstances of the death can range from an accidental shooting, to suicide, to mass shootings, homicides, hunting accidents, etc.. The subject is difficult because of the personal and emotional toll it takes on a family or a town. But to make a change, to address this public health concern, requires transparency and a commitment to acknowledge the crisis as it is. As of 2021, gun violence has surpassed car accidents as the leading cause of childhood mortality in the U.S.

We live in a dangerous culture (and reasons why we live in a violent culture is a debate for another time) but solutions to the gun violence problem when it comes to the safety of children can include: storing firearms securely in the home which means locked and unloaded when not being used, the passage of red flag laws that give public officials information that will allow them to keep firearms away from citizens with mental health concerns, the purchase of smart guns that require a pass code or thumb scan similar to pass codes used with a smart phone. Smart guns can only be used by the owner that has knowledge of the code. It could save a life in a home. Also, the gun cannot be used if it finds its way into gun trafficking circles.

We have a culture that for some reason is walking a knife’s edge between a child’s safety and the individual right to own a gun. We need to take action to reduce the number of deaths due to guns especially with regard to children. A public health crisis such as this one will not be corrected if no action is taken.

Bob Moore

East Kingston


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