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Ransomware – as readers here know only too well – is one of the biggest cybercrime challenges we collectively face today.

That’s why Sophos has spent has recently visited cities around the globe to dive deep into the real story behind ransomware.

We captured more than 100 hours of interviews with cybercriminals, cybersecurity experts, industry analysts, and policy makers to provide a full 360-degree perspective.

The result is Think You Know Ransomware?, a three-part documentary series that delves into the realities of ransomware, revealing the far-reaching consequences for both businesses and society at large.

Episode 1, Origins of Cybercrime, is now available to watch. It explores the history of ransomware as told by cybersecurity professionals, ransomware victims, and law enforcement officials.

Episodes 2 and 3 will be released over the next two weeks, with all episodes available at

Please share the documentary series with friends, family members, or co-workers who would find it interesting and useful. The more we all know about ransomware, the better we can defend against it.

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