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Like most beloved dining establishments, McDonald’s likes to keep its practices surrounding its menu items somewhat concealed. However, a TikTok video that purportedly features extra crispy nuggets attempted to shed light on how they differ. The short clip shows a few assorted boxes of nuggets, which appear to have a rather crispy outer texture. And according to the content creator, the McNuggets were allowed to remain in the oil for nine minutes.


Ask McDonald’s to cook your nuggets for 8-9 minutes. #mcdonalds #nuggets #crispy #welldone

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The person goes on to say that McDonald’s nuggets are usually only cooked for four minutes, a claim that is disputed by some commenters. According to one person, “They were not cooked for nine minutes, they would be burnt.” Another person stated, “We would never do this at McDonald’s, and if they do at yours they are breaking some rules,” while yet another commenter expressed a belief that the nuggets were only cooked for one or two minutes longer than normal. These comments illustrate just how controversial the topic of extra crispy nuggets can be for fans of the chain.


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