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Given the exorbitant amount of online options, finding the best peeling method for your favorite variety of citrus fruit can be stressful. These days, everyone claims to be the founder of streamlined methods for making life a bit easier, and sometimes, seeing proof that a certain hack works is all the proof you need. Various social media users have tested this particular peeling hack, and it has been met with positive feedback. As it turns out, this technique appears to be somewhat foolproof as you don’t need extreme precision in peeling oranges with this particular method.

This Instagram user reviews the hack by slicing what looks to be a mandarin, peeling the fruit inside out to reveal perfectly segmented pieces of flesh. In turning the fruit inside out, the flesh breaks free from the peel, making removing the inner fruit a breeze. In a TikTok video posted last year, @kevglbach concludes the same results, showcasing how easy peeling oranges can be. Yet, whether or not this proficient method works for thick-skinned oranges remains to be determined. While peeling clementines, mandarins, and tangerines (which already have thin, easily removable skin) may be even more simplified with this particular hack, citrus fruits with sturdier skin may be more challenging to peel. If you typically enjoy thick-skinned fruits, there are a few factors worth considering to achieve success with this peeling method.


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