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Hieu was one of the world’s most prolific and hunted criminals from 2007 to 2013, when he operated a massive international identity theft scheme from his home in Vietnam. His method was to steal personally identifiable information (names, Social Security numbers, bank account data) and sell it to become rich. 100,000 USD a month rich; 900 x the average Vietnamese monthly salary at the time. Hieu was pursued relentlessly by the Secret Service, until his eventual capture in Guam in 2013. After years in prison, he was granted early release, returning him to his family in Saigon. In that time he transformed, in spirit and ethics, which led to his current role with the Vietnamese government capturing criminals just like his former self. This is his story, and his incredible redemptive arc. Produced by EST Media Booncha Studio Executive Producer Bao Nguyen Directors Paul Vi Minh Keshia Hannam Cinematographers Ha Hoang Truong Trong Tan Producers Paul Vi Minh Tram T N Pham Production Manager Khoi Nguyen Production Assistants Cham Nguyen Ha Phan Phan Van Chiem Gaffer Phan Van Chiem Camera Operator Dang Thinh Focus Puller Huy Phung Assistant Cameras Vo Hien Cuong Nguyen Hoang Ly Hoai Nhon Phan Duc Anh Grips Dinh Hoang Duy Nguyen Nhat Khoa Sound Nguyen Ngoc Hung Nhanh Tran Location Manager Phi Cao Shooting Co., Ltd Equipment TL Production Bau House Make Up Artists Vu Thi Nguyen Trang Emj Transport Hai Minh Editor Quang Vu Colorist Truong Quoc Phuong (Erik) AI Illustration Composer Lam Vinh Animators Ho Sy Minh Tobe T Nguyen Editor in Chief Keshia Hannam Head of Production Stephanie Tangkilisan Post Production Coordinator Skolastika Lupitawina Assistant Editor Rendy Abi Audio & Music Supervisor Mike Pham Music Producer & Composer An Nam – Thao Mess Special Thanks Doan Quynh Huong Dex Nguyen Mai Huong Gia Huy Duc Hieu Nguyen Boi Quynh Ngo Trong Can


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