The Sugar And Baking Soda Hack That Could Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Home | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

To make a mixture appropriate for pest control of cockroaches, simply mix equal parts sugar and baking soda together thoroughly. The sugar smell will attract the roaches, but it’s the ingestion of the baking soda that will kill the insects. Still, one more step is necessary for their elimination — they also need to drink some water, upon which their stomachs will burst, killing them instantly. Therefore, it’s important to follow the rest of the instructions carefully.

Take small jar lids or make small bowls out of aluminum foil and put some of the powder mixture inside each one. Then, place a small saucer or bottle cap of water alongside the powder. Place these bait and water bowls in places you’ve seen roaches, or in places you know they are likely to gather. Every few days, check the bowls and refill them as needed. It’s going to be similar to a routine of feeding and watering pets, but instead of pets it’s pests. Over several weeks’ time, this can eradicate the resident cockroaches once and for all.


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