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The cybersecurity industry is getting more airtime as a growing number of executives associate security risk with business risk. 

A growing investment in cybersecurity has spurred a vast ecosystem of products, services and threat analysis to tap into and one of the best ways to disseminate that information is through industry events. 

Cybersecurity Dive put together a list of the top conferences to attend next year, with an eye toward those with business executive interests. Some are large, others are small, but each and every conference has something to offer a cybersecurity leader. 

What you won’t see on this list are more general conferences. Cybersecurity conversations will be sprinkled into IT conferences and industry events, from retail to chemical conferences, and every sector has security sessions to attend. We left those to the subject matter experts, though some events on this list have sector-specific sessions. 

We also did not include more technology specific conferences, such as cloud security summits. 

Is there a must-attend conference we missed? Email us at: [email protected].

The top conferences to attend in 2024

In no particular order, here are the events on Cybersecurity Dive’s radar.

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