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Take the block and wedge it firmly in the corner, then cut off a piece of the double-sided tape and apply it to the block. Next, fold the flooring so that it fits tightly in the corner and adheres to the block, tucking the edges in securely. Now fold the flooring back to reveal where the block is attached. The outer corner of the block represents the corner that you’re trying to match. Place a piece of cardboard under the vinyl where the block is attached. Then trace your knife around the two outside edges of the block. You should have just replicated the shape of the corner of the floor. Remove the block and press the vinyl into place in the corner.

At this point, you can continue to trim the excess flooring material along the side of the room. By using the block as the initial guide, you’ve made a perfect match with the corner and aligned your materials with the wall. By simplifying this one step, your new floor renovation is much more manageable. Moreover, it’s a wonderful way to give your home an updated look without going over budget. This hack will simplify this process and provide beautiful results.


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